Landscape orientation mobile data collection

05-29-2020 09:59 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

For higher accuracy/precision (>1m to >1cm) data collection we plan on using one device.  That device is the Trimble SiteVision kit which includes the Trimble Catalyst antenna.  As you can see in the attached picture the viewing device for Trimble SiteVision is mounted in landscape orientation. In testing Collector I noted that on this Samsung S9 device that ESRI Collector does not change orientation to work well with landscape orientation of the device.  Similarly we would like use Survey 123 in the landscape orientation as well.  It's nice for ease of use/quick work flow not to have to carry the Catalyst on a separate range pole with the phone or other data collector mounted horizontally.  We primary use the SiteVision device for AR visualization / restaking in the field but with expensive high accuracy/precision devices it's not cost effective to have multiple configurations.  So please consider landscape orientation workflow support for  Collector and Survey 123 for smaller devices.