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11-23-2021 09:00 AM
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by Anonymous User
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I may have missed this capability, but from what I have been able to tell is there are really no intermediate collaborative settings. The group our program put together for completing surveys often has other members review and edit surveys they themselves did not submit. And the only way I have been able to set this up correctly is by creating an Update Users Group and adding all staff members to the group. While this does allow them to edit and resubmit surveys they did not submit, it also technically gives them the capability to delete submissions and make significant edits to the associated files. I do not want them to have this capability, but rather an intermediate option where a specific group of users can simply edit view/edit any submission. 


Is this capability somewhere and I am simply missing it??


This sounds like something I've done, let me know if it works for you.

In Connect allow inbox with a query: QCuser=${username}

Add a field in your survey called "QCuser," and you can add your QC logins with a calculation when triggers are hit (sample High-Risk trigger goes to [John's AGOL login]).
I'm Assuming you already have the username field to collect the logged In user.
Then your QC team will get these surveys in their inbox every time.

For past surveys, you will need to go into ArcPro and calc field with those QC user logins.

Let me know if you need me to do a deeper dive.

by Anonymous User

Hey @MichelleWilliamsERM, this does sound like an effective workaround, but I am still hopeful Esri could figure something out in their Collaborate Settings. 


The only problem I can immediately see with this is that adding a question is considered a significant enough edit to necessitate republishing the Feature Service. Which would cause us to lose data from surveys we already submitted. Once we finalize our current data, I will certainly try this method!


Thank you for your help! 


Not a problem.

I understand your issue. You shouldn't have an issue when adding a field, just make sure you don't have any special characters or spaces in the name.

BUT if you're uncomfortable with that, do this;

Add the field to Survey123, and then go into ArcPro and add the same field to the Service (but that must match) save in both software, and then publish (without the ugly red error).

Hit me up if on LinkedIn if you need more help michellereneewilliams

PS - Esri I'm not sure if it's ok adding my LinkedIn account, so remove it if not.

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Hi @Anonymous User ,

Based on your description, I'm surprised that you are sharing the survey via an Update User Group.  That type of group is appropriate for sharing the design and overall management of the survey, not reviewing individual responses.  

The more appropriate sharing for reviewing/editing responses is sharing using a regular group and the sharing survey results.  This will let you limit the capabilities of sharing to restrict deletion.  For more information, please review

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Hello @JamesTedrick 

By creating a group and adding people to it, can they then update submissions they didn't submit themselves? That ultimately is the goal so staff can before QA checks on other staff work and edit as needed. This is why I went with the Update Users Group rate. I was under the impression the standard groups only allow you to edit surveys you submitted.