Inline or Table appearance questions in Web Form

03-08-2022 07:30 AM
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I am creating an end-to-end workflow for submitting, reviewing and approving Search and Rescue Applications via Survey123 and Dashboards, but the most common complaint I am getting from testers is that the form is too long (even with mostly minimal style questions). I have tried pages/field list and it just doesn't work too well with the way my survey is configured. I have upvoted the web-form support for grid styles, but I think an additional option that would be good to simplify web forms is allowing in-line answers. 


Cost of Fuel ($): [small text box]

instead of

Cost of Fuel ($):

[text box]

Alternatively, a table of question/answers similar to table-list, but with the option for text/number submission instead of just multiple choice. 

Just an idea!


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Definitely second this. Especially useful when the question labels and responses are very short. I'm having the same issue with a survey form for recording litter counts. If we could use an in-line appearance it would probably cut the length of the form in half!