Increase the size of buttons when close a Survey123

03-03-2017 07:04 AM
Status: Open
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when we use cellphones we have problems with choose the correct options because the size of the buttons are very thin. when you are on the field using a cellphone is very easy get wrong. i atached the image of this buttons .

this buttons are fine in the office and when your finger are thin otherwise no



ncrementen el tamaño de estos botones , es muy incomodo utilizar un celular y tener que escoger una de estas opciones con este tamaño de botones, sobre todo cuando se esta en el campo, el personal no tiene dedos pequeños


Hello Marco,

Thank you for submitting this idea! On a device when the buttons appear this way, are field workers accidentally discarding changes, or having a mix of incorrect choices?

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Before it is difficult to read the text of each button because they are small and also as you mentioned, they clicked the wrong button because they are very close together and are thin