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Include app version of Survey123 to the form

06-27-2018 06:34 AM
Status: Implemented
New Contributor II

It would great to be able to include the Survey123 version when i submit the form.

As we have quite many people using Survey123 for Windows where update must be done manually and this is not done. If the app version could be submitted we would easily keep track of witch users that needs to be updated.

The function as I see would be simular to calculate version() that returns the version of the form.

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Yes please! This would help so much with troubleshooting, or even preventing issues by letting users know they are using an older version of the application.

pulldata("@property",'version') or pulldata("@property",'appversion') maybe?

Status changed to: Implemented

pulldata('@property', 'appversion) is now an available option. Please refer to 'Prepopulate answers' documentation for more details.