Inbox Map and Geopoint map feature label and symbols customisable

10-09-2018 02:00 PM
Status: Open
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I would like to have a customisable map so I can show status of various features collected in the field, from both the collection in a Geopoint location map and in the Inbox/sent items map views, this would be nice to toggle the display of existing features collected in the GeoPint collection view. but more specifically even if I could alter the inbox and draft or sent items maps to use labels and symbols of my choosing.

Currently I am limited to have a generic feature symbol and label that is meaningless to the end user as per

This is the view of the label and symbol in the inbox as the default

Default symbol for a captured point

It would be nice to display the symbol as one of the attributes of the data, and or the label to also be a captured property of the point currently being or originally added.

 Something like this would be awesome:

An application map

by Anonymous User

Yes, this would be great. We need a map that updates the symbology and shows a point as being "Done" (e.g. map refreshes and pin color changes from red to green after survey is completed and saved in the Sent Box. Collector has this functionality) if the survey was completed for that record. Otherwise it can be confusing when you are in the field and have hundreds of data points on which to update surveys. "Did I collect that one? I don't remember."


Ditto what Pam said!