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Improve Navigation for Repeats

01-15-2019 07:17 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

It would be very useful if you could navigate between the repeats the same way as you can with pages. We have users that create up to 25 repeats and then they might want to go back to some of them, lets say repeat number 12, and change something, but as it is now said user then has to go through all the repeats to get there... We've had lots of complaints about this.


I was about to request this, but it seems a thread is already open.

Can this please be considered? Navigating repeats can be very tedious...

We can already move ahead and backwards one at a time, and long pressing the arrows takes you to the start or end.

What is missing is the ability to tap the middle "Page x of y" to get a list of all the repeat items and jump to the desired page. To take this one step further, the pages could be labelled 1 to y by default, but could also pull a title from a field within the repeat.

by Anonymous User

@abureaux There is already an existing enhancement ENH-000128112 which was raised previously by another customer. I would suggest also raising this with Esri Support and attaching your account to this request. This will help in prioritising this enhancement.

Currently this is not on our near term development plans or roadmap, but with more customer demand and interest, we may reassess in the future.




I have been added to the enhancement. Thank you.

Hopefully others will get on-board!