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Improve Android functionality of Survey123

05-17-2022 08:09 AM
Status: Open
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We have recently switched to Android Tablets for field data collection. We use Survey123 in conjunction with Field Maps. When navigating between apps, the Survey123 refreshes /restarts. On a long form, you lose your placement and duration of the refresh dramatically hampers productivity. Would it be possible to prevent the app from refreshing when navigating between apps. Background info: Offline, no cell or wifi coverage.

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I am having the same issues only with Apple  products. I am currently with an Esri tech to try and resolve the issue. 


Hi @MaureenSpiessl, I sat on a support ticket for 12 months and nothing ever got resolved. There were promises that I would get a meeting with the Android team but the proposed meeting kept getting pushed or cancelled. In the end, it was determined through other support tickets that the capabilities available in Survey 123 exceeded the processing power of older tablets (>1 year old) 🙄.

We ended up ditching all the Samsung TabActive 3s and getting iPad Mini 6s. We have also had to upgrade all older iPads. Additionally, I believe we had to dumb down our Survey's to be more compatible with older devices.

All in all, it was a huge time suck with no real help from ESRI. 

Best of luck. Hopefully you can get better traction with your support ticket. 


Thank you for the suggestions.