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Images in Survey123 Connect headers

08-03-2022 04:12 AM
Status: Open
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Please consider adding the ability to include images, such as a company logo, in the header section of a form in Survey123 Connect, similar to how you can do so in the web app. Thanks.


Hi @GregKeith 

If you have created the header you wanted in the Web Designer, and try downloading it into Survey123 Connect, there will be a row in the .xlsx form that shows the following:

  • Type: note
  • Name: generated_note_surveyHeader
  • Label: n/a (blank) 
  • Hint: <img alt='insert alt text' src='image link' style='width:100%;'/> 

So I would try adding this to your Connect .xlsx form and test if this helps to enable image headers in your form. 

Hope this helps! 


To add to @GregKeith comment -

You'll want to ensure your image is in the media folder (in Connect) and has no spaces in the name.

(If you have spaces in the name, it won't show in the browser version.)


Have fun, and welcome to our world!

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Thanks all. I know about the note hack, just think it would be nice to directly add it to the header.


Hi @GregKeith and @MCameron,

Just wanted to share some additional info regarding this post. In Survey123 3.16 a change was made to the name of the notes fields created in Survey123 Connect when downloading surveys published from the web designer. 

  • The form title, survey description, and image header are now written to a note question in the XLSForm named generated_note_form_title when publishing a survey.


This is mentioned in our What's new documentation as well. If you would like to customize title, description and image header, you can add a note question called "generated_note_form_title" to your XLS form.


All the best,



@MichelleWilliamsERM this was a great tip I had not seen before, thank you for posting!