Image question with Annotate appearance zoom enabled

02-12-2021 08:28 AM
Status: Open
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We are using an Image question with an appearance of Annotate to bring in a floor plan, so our teams can mark up a floor plan with faults.  Currently this seems to work great until we get a big floor plan and the user needs to zoom in to see anything.  We would like the ability to zoom / pan around so that the user could mark up on the drawing the necessary information in the right location.  We are not concerned about where in the real world the actual mark ups are, just need to record on this image.  Once the image is stored, I would hope that it would be of the zoomed in location and not the overall image, unless the user did not zoom in.

We have a calculation that runs on this question to pulls in the correct floor plan for each building/floor depending on where the surveyor is working.