Icons of the surveys generated in connect for mobile versions

11-07-2022 04:06 AM
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Hello everyone,

I don't know if this idea can be implemented or not, but more and more customers are asking for it.

Would it be possible to make icons of the surveys?
I mean, currently all surveys that are generated through an account are located within connect app for mobile, that causes users not accustomed to technology quite a few problems, as they often do not find the section to download survey. In addition, having several surveys in the same application makes it difficult to choose the right one.

the idea would be the following:
The idea would be to be able to take it out of the surveys that have been created from the connect application of the mobile, through an icon, as if it were an application of the phone.
It would really work as a direct access to the survey, without having to go through the user authentication and password, in this way the user would only click on the icon on the mobile and the survey would open.

Greetings Javier



I guess you can do this with website shortcuts . For example, here is how you build a shortcut for Apple devices:

  1. Go into the Survey123 website (in your laptop) and open the Collaborate tab.
  2. Copy the Survey123 field app URL to your survey. For example: https://survey123.arcgis.app?itemID=<yourSurveyIDGoesHere>
  3. From your Apple phone or tablet, open a web browser. Navigate to the URL.
  4. Still from the browser, choose the share button. Scroll down until you see the Add to Home Screen option. Click on it and configure your Home shortcut with whatever thumbnail and name you want


End users would still need to log into the Survey123 app, unless you share your surveys publicly.



Hi @IsmaelChivite 

thank you very much for replying, I will try to replicate this method for android devices.

Greetings Javier


hi @IsmaelChivite,

I have tested the method on Android and it works perfectly, the problem is that it is not really what I want.

The ideal would be to be able to share the surveys through independent icons without having to access the survey connect application and also that this icon has the possibility to modify its style.

With the described method you get an icon on the screen of the device, but this icon can not be shared so the solution would be a half because you would have to do it manually on the devices where it is needed.

Greetings Javier