Hyperlink support in Survey123 Field App info screen (or future thank you screen)

01-24-2022 09:45 AM
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Hi Survey123 Community!

I suggest supporting hyperlinks in the Field App info page, for Surveys designed with Survey123Connect (hypelrinks in a new thanks you screen would work perfectly as well).

Here is my two step use-case:

  1. Fill out a Survey
  2. Post a document closely related to the survey in the corporate EDMS (Survey123 attachments not accepted here)

Functional objective:

To ease step #2, and avoid re-typing some onf the info collected in the survey,  I am deriving a keyword list  from the Survey into a table, for easy copy/paste info the EDMS upload screen (ensuring ~standardized entries in the EDMS).   >> Step #2 must happen after the Surveyis submitted, so that database views/triggers have produced the necessary keyword list.

Requested enhancement:

Hyperlink support in the Survey info page (or better, thank you screen), so that users who have completed and submitted their survey can click on the Survey123 interafce to reach Step #2.

The hyperlink opens a new browser page/tab to display the hyperlink contents relevant to the survey.


Related requests (and why they do not yet fill the need):

  1. Support Thank You Screen in Field App: is still an ArcGIS Idea ^^. Will likely fill the gap if it enters Survey123Connect and the Field App.
  2. Survey Description- Hyperlinks : Great workaround by @IsmaelChivite, but the solution is not repeatable (not maintained if you re-publish your survey design, not maintained by the ‘update survey’ function on the user side
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This might be a solution for me too, let me talk it through and you tell me if it would work.

My inspector do a pre-inspection and send it to the cloud. 

I run a feature report so they have the document with photos, and data, for the post inspection.

Then I would be able to link it to the feature report in the info page for that inspection? 

I can't tell you how excited this would make me. (Happy Dance)

~ Michelle Survey123 Jedi