Hosted Polygon Geofence for Survey123

06-22-2020 07:58 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

So I've read some articles on how to restrict a survey submissions via geography. One works with min/max coordinates and another mysterious method alludes to using reverse geocoding. The first isn't particularly useful for odd shaped polygons, and the other isn't actually articulated.

For example: If I have a river channel polygon that has a snake-like shape, a big rectangle around the entire polygon isn't going to keep out the points that aren't in the river channel.

I would like to be able to designate a hosted feature layer and have Survey123 only allow submissions within that layer. (pretty please)


Could you make a feature layer polygon around the stream and have that be the selection to start the survey and it creates the point at the location the survey is taking place


Possibly, but the survey isn't always being completed on-site. 


The ArcGIS Solution for Citizen Problem Reporting does this when configuring the web application. I was hoping Survey could do the same. 

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