Have an Option Where Survey123 Dropdown List and Domains are Synced

09-11-2019 05:13 AM
Status: Implemented
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I have a workflow where I constantly need to update the dropdown list on a survey.  First, I add the new domains in the feature service. Then make the proper alterations on Survey123 Connect to republish the form. It'd be great if both the domain and said form list are were kept in sync. Or at least have said option available for each form.


Yes, would be great to have this.  I have always found it odd that the domain will initially be created for the choices in a drop down list during publishing, but they are not updated during republishing.


Not for me...

I have a huge domain with thousands of value. But dropdown list in my survey don't necessarily show all values from that list.


Would be great to take this one step further so that if someone adds an "Other" and creates a new one in the field, that other users can pick this up if they re-sync their surveys.  Have thought about trying to capture this using Flow, but not sure how you would bring this back into the survey automatically.

Also to add, that this would be an option on the xlsx form.


Idea has been updated. 


This would be a great option to have.  No matter how well we design and test the survey, the field folks always seem to encounter something we haven't thought of.  


Yes, please! Pick from the list or add a new one, which will become part of the list. Or dynamic list contents that can be updated externally from the publishing process.


Is this still awaiting implementation? I just started using Survey123. After figuring out how to use it with a feature service I was wondering why the domains were not showing up on a related table published with the feature service on Enterprise. This would be vital when there are fields with many domain values. I also like your idea Ted where users could add choices at run-time. Interesting idea for domains. Perhaps as a setting we can allow or disallow. (Sometimes you wouldn't want that and perhaps other times you would)


Going to add my support to this one. Have had it come up in a couple cases recently where we have added an option to a choice list, but because it doesn't get added to the domain it has caused weird behaviour.

In this case it's not allowing a supervisor to edit the entry in the Survey123 web data page.

I could see the merits of making it only be ADDING domains and not removing them, but would need some notification of such for publishing updates in case the choice list had been modified.

And as to one of the points above, choice filters would be great for the questions you only need some from the whole list shown.


I am hearing that others are able to make an update to choices in a form using 2 steps: (1) update form to reflect new choices and (2) update the domain in the hosted feature layer (HFL).  I am able to accomplish step 1 but cannot update the domains in the HFL as this seems to seems to be locked once the survey as published.  So I don't see a way of updating my choices without publishing an entirely new survey.  Anyone have ideas as to why I can't update domains?  Also, I am confused as to how values that are not in my list of domain values are even able to be stored in the field (and indeed they are) - I thought domains were a way of enforcing the data that could be stored?  


I feel like this is a really critical functionality to ensure data consistency and integrity. Please add this capability so that choice list updates in Connect sync with domain lists in the hosted feature layer! 🙂