Give a survey creator the ability to remove the 'collect' button, so I can direct users to use the Inbox only

06-07-2020 11:47 PM
Status: Open
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I have created surveys where 100% of the users will be conducting data collection via the Inbox only, they will never be required to capture new data using the collect button. 

I would love to be able to disable the collect button from being an option on these specific surveys, the less buttons made available, the less likely users can do the wrong thing.

I love that we do not see the 'inbox' button when the inbox is not enabled, this is essentially the same request, but for the collect button.

Thanks for your consideration!

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I am also looking for this same feature! It would be great to have a way to disable the "Collect" button.

I have two surveys linking to the same data. One survey for office workers and another survey for field workers that both write to the same feature layer. The field worker survey only edits existing records submitted by the office worker survey, via the inbox function. This means that the field workers will never actually create a new record, just editing an existing record.

Would love to see this happen if possible!


This can be done by going to the survey "Options" section and turning off  "Allow new surveys to be collected". Make sure to turn on "Enable Inbox folder".


Thank you @DanielR. I was searching all over for this! Simple and effective - I should have known! 😀