From the S123 Website Data Tab, Open Selected Record in Web Form in New Tab

12-06-2022 01:16 PM
Status: Open
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When viewing/editing data in the Survey123 website, it would sometime be handy to be able to open a record in the Web Form in a new tab in edit mode. This would be very useful when working on a form design that relies on existing data to populate some questions/notes (since that functionality can't be tested in the Connect app). A simple "open in new tab" button on the Form View in the Data tab (example pictured below) makes the most sense to me.



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@ThomasM ,

Would you mind clarifying any restrictions on the current "embedded" design? The current editing of an existing record on the right panel of the Data page is actually an embedded Survey123 web app, also with the expand button (right to the trash can button) to expand the panel if the survey design is complex.



There are just some times/surveys that it would be nice to easily open the survey in it's own window. This is especially the case when there are long questions, since you're unable to collapse the headers in the S123 website. Those can take up nearly a quarter of the screen height (more depending on the size of your monitor). Whereas a survey in it's own tab can use the entire height of the window. The image below demonstrates how much space is taken up by the UI when using the survey editor on the S123 website.


Additionally, this would also make it easier to share a survey for editing an existing feature since it would generate the editing URL which could be copy/pasted.