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Fixed canvas in signature questions (Survey123)

11-20-2017 02:49 AM
Status: Implemented
New Contributor II

In "signature" questions, the resulting image has a variable size depending on the display size of the Survey123 application. For example, if we use windows os, the signature will be very wide and as high as if we use the minimized size (most common format in mobile phones), in which case it will be much narrower. This greatly complicates the design of reports, given the variable size of the signature images.
Therefore, I suggest enabling the possibility of establishing a fixed canvas, regardless of the application's display size.

Sorry for my english and thank you

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Status changed to: Implemented

It is now possible to set the maximum width of a signature question by using the max-width property and further define the size of the image by supplying a default image which is displayed in the background.