Fix issue with language switcher and "width" URL param.

11-16-2021 05:34 PM
Status: Closed
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When a survey is available in more than 1 language, we have noticed that the dropdown menu that allows users to switch languages may become hidden from the viewport (depending on the width (pixels) of the browser screen/device), WHEN the 'width' URL parameter is used (and probably, only with some values of this param.).

The screenshots below correspond to a URL param. like "width=1920", as seen in viewports (aprox.) 680, 750, 820, and 1050 px wide, with a survey in English and French. You can see how, as the window's width increases, the dropdown menu becomes more and more out of the page:

device width=680device width=680device width=750device width=750device width=820device width=820

device width=1050device width=1050


Hi @Jordi-Monk-Developer ,

This is best filed as a bug via Esri Support - the Ideas section is for registering feature enhancements


Hi @JamesTedrick . True, I will. Please delete the post if you can/wish. Thank you.

Status changed to: Closed