Extend the Point Overlay functionality to repeat geotrace and geoshape questions

01-28-2022 07:45 AM
Status: Open
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Locations from geopoint questions within a repeat can be displayed on other map questions, so if 3 points are collected in a repeat geopoint question, those locations can then be displayed in a subsequent map question (geopoint, geotrace, or geoshape) for reference.

I would like to see that same functionality with geotrace and geoshape type questions.

We have surveys that require the collection of multiple paths which are collected using a geotrace in a repeat.
Staff are unable to see all collected paths within a survey until that survey is submitted, so it can be difficult to see the spatial relationships between the paths and identify potential gaps.

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In addition to this it would be great to be able to show the geopoint/geotrace/geoshape geometry from the parent survey in the subsequent repeat questions. For example having a site survey where the parent survey you might digitise a boundary/path or select a location, and then using a repeat, collect multiple other geometries but being able to see the boundary whilst doing so. I have had numerous different types of surveys where this feature would be extremely useful