Export & Email features on Survey123 mobile app

04-05-2017 10:28 AM
Status: Open
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From the Survey Sent list of the mobile app, as a user, I'd like to touch and hold any sent survey in the list and be able to email or export the survey as a PDF. This can be done in the Survey123 web site already but it would be nice to be able to do this on site with the app.


This is definitely something that would be highly useful, while also making the process more efficient. Take this use case scenario as reasoning why it would be useful:

Say you have a survey for building inspections, and you would like your building inspector to perform the inspection in the field, and then give the contractor/home owner an electronic receipt of the inspection results. Being able to email the survey inspection directly from the Survey123 application would give both parties immediate gratification in a simple and seamless way.



I think you have a great idea here! You should up vote it!!!


Definitely functionality that would benefit many different datasets being collected. My particular use case surrounds health and safety data. Incidents are recorded using Survey123 but an immediate notification is required to be sent. GeoEvent extension for ArcGIS Server has been suggested as a solution, however an integrated approach using only Survey123/ArcGIS Online would be preferred.

Similar functionality outside the ESRI environment includes Microsoft Flow, Zapier or IFTTT. Either integrating with one of those or developing something similar for AGOL would offer great new potential.




Hello Renato,


Thank you for submitting this idea. What kinds of projects do you have where this functionality would be beneficial? How are you currently filling this gap in your workflows?



Thank you for the additional use cases to clarify how this would affect your own projects. When commenting, please consider sharing how this functionality would affect your organization, and how you might be handling the sharing of surveys now. Varied user perspectives are always welcome!





Using a UAS Mission Form workflow involves a drone pilot conducting a Job Safety Briefing (JSB) in a section or group of the survey. Our procedures - most utilities do - are required to have a digital or printed copy of the JSB for documentation purposes. It would be nice to have a copy of the form or sections of the form (maybe based on group) to be exported as a PDF or sent as an email. The Survey is still needed to complete the mission workflow which includes Request, Planning, Onsite and Complete, each status a group of its own. Currently, after the survey is sent I have a scheduled task reading the feature layer and generating that PDF with FME. The PDF Is sent by FME in a project folder which is also created by FME from the Mission information. It would be nice just to export the survey in PDF and let the pilot handle the document.


We have sightings of banded birds (tagged) by the general public. Sightings can happen daily or have weeks/months between reports. It would be ideal for researchers to receive email reports with a link to the sighting but also a copy of the record attributes/pictures via email given. Checking every day when there are no sightings is frustrating. Ideally, either the email process is automated but i've been told we could automate the process with a python script. I will be trying to handle it this way in the near future. I can see a case where it would be useful to automatically send a copy of the observer's report back to them as a confirmation of the report being received along with additional information provided to them in the attachment. 


We are inspecting culverts to see if they are passable for fish in the stream. This is a lower priority activity so it tends to be done in batches as field staff have time. We have a person who downloads and makes PDFs from the surveys, sends the PDFs to the landowners, and puts the data into our tracking system in a geodatabase. Currently this person has to check daily to see if there was an inspection completed and then process it. If they could be notified that there was a new inspection, they would not have to waste time checking on days where there was nothing submitted. If the PDF could be generated and sent automatically while the field person was onsite with the landowner's representative, it would save the office a step and ensure that the landowner received the information in a timely manner.  This would also make sure the correct email address was used in the case of large landowners with many staff.



We were able to automate our task via python to send an email to our staff whenever a new report is created. It also attaches any images that were uploaded via the Survey. I'm happy to share this, although There was a recent blog post on how to do some of it on the Survey123 blog: https://community.esri.com/groups/survey123/blog/2018/01/22/a-simple-e-mail-notification-system-for-... 

I agree though, I'd love to be able to customize the printed version of the form as a PDF to send on to our team but also on to the user that submitted the record as a reference that the report was successful. 

The blog above can help with letting staff know if they need to process a new entry; so half way there?


This would be a very helpful feature.  We have foresters performing required permit related inspections in the field.  This information is used by our office staff to produce quarterly reports on the number of inspections performed but the information is also used by the foresters so they can keep records on the specific permits in case follow up or other actions are needed.  Having a feature where they could elect to have the results of the inspection automatically emailed to them, or not, would be very helpful.  Right now our office staff manually generates reports from Survey 123 when a forester requests them. 

Is there any update from ESRI on the status of this feature?  Thanks!.


My organisation would definitely use this function. We want to be able to use Survey123 as a tool in real-time decision making, where every minute we have contractors out on site has a cost! If we could have that automation it would be very useful, at the moment we are looking at using FME to do this but would be great to keep it as simple as possible.