Email Field Type on Survey123 Website Allows Invalid Characters

06-28-2020 05:37 PM
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So I have an email field in a Survey123 form created on the Survey123 Website, and when a user enters an invalid email address like 'ben@ben' or '' the form doesn't allow this value, and prompts the user to reconsider (which is great!). 

What I have found is that users are entering emoji as part of their email, and this is having knock on effects further down my workflow (in FME etc), and I think the problem is with the form allowing emoji in the first place. As far as I am aware emoji are not supported in email addresses.

Valid email according to Survey123 form:

Invalid email identified by Survey123 form (which I am happy with!):

I think the email field should not accept these emoji characters as part of an email address.


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