Edit versioned feature service in Survey123

10-28-2020 07:35 AM
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I came across this issue (which appears to be a known problem) when trying to create a Survey123 form for our city's fire department to conduct Hydrant Inspections. They requested I replicate the paper form that they have been using for years as closely as I could into a digital format; enter Survey123.

However, I'm sure as many of you know when I tried to tie the form to my hydrant layer I received the dreaded error message: supports ApplyEditsWithGlobleID must be true. After some back and forth with Esri support we determined that this was due to my data being versioned. Due to multiple people in fire department, as well as water department interacting with hydrants, all work needs to be QA/QC to make sure connectivity remains in place as well as other general edits appearing correct, un-versioning data is not an option for our organization. 

Editing versioned data is not an issue with Collector. It would be fantastic if this could carry over to Survey123. Having the ability to edit fields in versioned data from a form rather than going through collector allows those folks who have little to no knowledge of GIS to still edit data in the field. 

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Cross posting with other cries for help to  @JamesTedrick  and team I've made for this to happen: