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Data Tab Report Notification for Admins

05-21-2021 03:12 PM
Status: Open
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Hello S123 Community,

My idea, if applicable in code and functionality, would be to have an opt in button to allow organization admins or certain group users in AGOL to be notified when a single or batch "Report" generation is performed on the Survey123 desktop app. Under the data tab, the template reports option costs 0.5 credits per report at the time of this idea, and the reports can take any number of customized word document templates. Each template generation is manually performed by a AGOL user and each action costs credits. Perhaps as a prompt or a heads up to organization membership, the notification could be an overview or generalized(not for every action taken as that would bog down everything rather quickly and be thrown out for inconvenience), after a certain number of reports/credits are generated & consumed, or when a bulk generation is done if numerous reports are made and admins choose or need to be notified.

The workflow behind this would be a survey123 form that would be used over 100 times a month and upwards of as many reports generated per month out of a slowly growing dataset of surveys being stored. Monitoring of credits or usage of credits is a topic that has come up in the project before and as an option for the organization or group leads to be able to opt into the notifications for credit/use monitoring is something that may be beneficial as the project is set to span several years and as the dataset slowly grows into the thousands. The goal is not to get overlapping surveys but in case they do and bulk report generation is needed from end users for reports or review, automatic notifications of such demanding actions would be a helpful option, but definitely not for every single action thus the opt-in option or settings related to the notifications to AGOL users/admins.

Hopefully this helps outline the idea well enough for consideration, or perhaps explains it enough to point me into the right direction where the topic has already been answered. Eager to listen to the ideas and discussions!

Many thanks & God bless,

Jansen Lyons