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Creating Survey123 in web enviroment to comply with Portal Limitations automatically

03-03-2021 05:44 AM
Status: Already Offered
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I came to my attention that when creating a survey in web designer, it would show an error saying '500: ERROR: Adding field to the table failed.'

And later we realized it was because of the known limitations that reference here:

My idea would be that the survey 123 web designer would not automatically create field names longer than the 32 characters which is the limit for portal and that the web designer would not let us know that it was because of that, we had to open the survey in connect to realize about it.

If that is not possible, at least that the web desiger would show an error saying is because of the limitations for portal and reference the link


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Status changed to: Already Offered

Hi @DanielMurillo ,

The Survey123 website already be limiting the names of fields to no more than 32 characters.  If you are seeing this is not the case, please file an issue with Esri Support.