Create Centroid Point at the creation of Geoshape in Survey123

11-12-2019 06:33 AM
Status: Open
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I'm creating a survey for the city DPW to easily enter capital improvement projects for long range planning. I'm using a Geoshape polygon to capture the project area. The survey then goes on to capture all the relevant attributes of the planned projects. Automatically adding a Geopoint would solve the problem of locating a polygon when viewing at city-wide scale in a dashboard or storymap. Of course the user could enter a point manually but that adds an extra step which could lead to confusion (do I enter point or polygon?) or skipping the step altogether.

Using Arcade, I can populate x and y coordinate fields on the fly. However those are only "virtual" fields. Maybe being able to create a view that maps the xy fields as points? Or maybe a geometry calculation with Survey123?


Strongly agree! Being able to extract the centroid of a geoshape in the survey would help out a lot. 


We love that we can draw a polygon to capture the 'survey area', but we need to be able to include a latitude and longitude in our Report, currently showing centroid etc is not possible with the geoshape.


Has there been an update on this?

I am looking to create a survey were users define a geoshape of a hazard area, and automatically calculate a repeat geopoint.

- the intent is that when submitted and displayed on a map the user can see the point at a national and regional scale, but when zoomed the layer switches to the polygon feature.


You never know that you need it, until you need it. Must be done.


I'm looking to create a point from the centroid of a geoshape question in Survey123. From that point, I'd like to do a reverse geocode to get an address. 


@Adamson , I believe you can accomplish what you want just by symbolizing the polygons as point in your Map Viewer webmap. Set the visibility of the polygon layer to be visible when zoomed in. Create a duplicate layer of your polygon. Set the visibility on that layer to be visible when zoomed out. Change the symbology to a point by choosing two attributes; one of which should be numerical. Select the Counts and Amounts (size) style option. Adjust the Style Options size range to be as close as possible to your desired symbol size. It's a rig, but it has worked for me. I couldn't find another method; and didn't want to create another layer or related table. Perhaps using webhooks could populate lat and long coordinates into specified fields.


The ability to calculate the centroid of a geoshape within Survey123 would more efficiently address urban tree reporting requirements we have.