Control what viewers can see by individual group

01-09-2020 09:00 AM
Status: Open
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In Survey123 web, you can set it so that viewers can either see all records or only records that they have submitted themselves.  Great feature.  This choice applies universally to anyone who has the ability to view, whether public, organization, or groups. 

We have a need to be able to control this setting in a more fine-grained fashion.  What we would like is the ability under Collaborate to allow one group to see all results and allow another group to see only their own submissions.


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I like this idea and would like to have some more granular control of permissions as well.  Similar to the original idea, we have one group (employees) who submit timesheets via survey123 only the ability to view their own data, while another group (forepersons) the ability to view everyone's data.

Further addition to this is Fine-Grained permission control of what each group can edit.