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Constraint messages to show up on the fly

11-19-2019 04:01 PM
Status: Open
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Hi team,

I'd like to request an option for constraint messages to show up (instantly) when an user incorrectly fills in a field. Currently, users only see these messages when they go to submit the surveys.

To get around this I use 'notes' with relevant conditions. So when an user incorrectly fills in a field - that particular note is shown as a prompt for them to fix the issue then and there.

But, this is can be quite cumbersome when there are multiple constraints. It'll be greatly appreciated - if this could be looked into soon.

Thanks so much,


Hi Gee,

Great idea. We posted a question directly related to that here some time ago: 

This is something new, it appeared version 3.5 and it does not make sense to me, totally.

Constraints become almost useless if they come only when submitting, especially if the form is long.

Worst, it could impact the rest of the form if calculations are based on a value which does not meet the constraint and the field user is not aware that he made a mistake.

It seems to me that constraint is a fondamental, basic option for a survey, so this change is critical to us. Why not keeping it simple and intuitive as before?

Hope we'll have some feebacks on this issue.



As I posted in the other post.  I really would like it by page.

Please vote it up here 



I thought this was implemented previously. I agree with the above comments. This reduces the efficiency of moving from paper forms. Our surveys are several pages long and have dozens of constraints. Constraints work well (instantly) in the web app, but not in the field app or Connect. Thank you for your consideration.


I have the same challenge and the same work around.  I apply a constraint against a question to stop invalid data being submitted (e.g. A percentage question with values <0 or >100).  I also have to add a relevant note question so that the user knows immediately rather than getting all the way to the end of the survey, clicking submit and then being bounced back to the constraint error.  By that point it's too late and they'd complain.  Would be great if I could be rid of the relevant note questions and constraint worked as data entered.

I'm not sure about the suggestion from Doug Browning about making this at the page level.  Seems overly complicated to add that level of customisation. Surely if the constraint question was to appear on the fly, it wouldn't need to be at the page level.  Users would fix the question as the constraint message appears. 


Have you seen my post on using emojis?  It is working pretty slick. 


Really need this idea to be implemented. I agree with others that the constraint is almost useless when only verified at the end of the survey. I need to constrain measurements as they’re entered. Once the user gets to the end of the survey it’s too late to go back and re-measure.


Really need this idea to be implemented. I agree with others that the constraint is almost useless when only verified at the end of the survey


please add. i need constraints for a repeat in a very long survey. would reduce the amount of notes and simplify creation of the form as well as ensure data integrity 


We still really need this!   In working with the biologists are testing, and who will use, the survey, they need to see the messages without me having to constantly publish after every edit and them going to the survey in the web app.

But thanks to @DougBrowning  for the emoji tip!


Absolutely necessary to alert at the time of data entry for these longer surveys.