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Confirm to delete repeat entry

04-19-2024 04:51 PM
Status: Open
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New Contributor II

The delete button is very close to the back button on the repeat bar. It would be useful to have a pop-up that asks "Are you sure you want to delete repeat 1?" before it gets deleted. 

I have multiple field staff who have accidently deleted large parts of the form when they were trying to review previous entries. 


It's a good idea, for new data collection, but here is some useful information that may help you or other readers.

If you are using the Inbox and repeats you would have added the bind::esri:parameters to enable this.

allowAdds=true lets you add new repeats

query lets you view existing repeats (filter optional)

allowUpdates=false can be set to prevent users from editing previous records.

If we do not want users to edit previous entries, the above will help.


I agree there should be a confirmation for this.

If by chance there's a defined number of repeats needed, you can add a value in repeat_count and this will prevent deletions as the number of repeats will always be set to that.