Built-in email notification system for submissions

04-27-2022 11:01 AM
Status: Open
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Right now, you must use an external service or complicated workaround to configure any sort of notification that there is new data. This is a challenge for many departments who really just want something simple that  works. We also have technical and security limitations related to our external SMTP server that precludes the use of many of the automation services, such as customizing an email alert. We're less able to use and integrate Survey123 as a result, since it's functionally useless without notifications for many of our use cases.

All I need:




I think the issue here is then Esri would have to run an email server.  And an event server probably.   Right now they give the flexibility to use any system your IT approves of.  Also the legality of them sending emails.  What if someone messed up and was sending thousands, or even millions. 

I personally think getting all these emails is an outdated workflow.  A dashboard, inbox, field maps, workforce, or a good web map I think would be better.  I just see lots of orgs built all this new tech but then keep their old workflows.  Just my opinion of course.


@DougBrowning  yeah, I really do just want an email. Everything else would be something you have to check manually. The legal "issue" is clearly not a problem for Google Forms, which by my estimation, is about a million times more popular and very widely used. Plus, it would be an option, not forced, so the whole receiving thousands or whatever...that would be an unlikely risk you sign up for. Even a daily summary option would be better than nothing, and mitigate that problem.


It would save me much time & maintenance if email was inbuilt (to AGOL not app), so that I didn't have to worry about it at all. Because currently we have:

  1. Burden to maintain scenarios on Make.com (was Integromat), especially when they error.
  2. Email-provider errors, e.g. too many emails sent (only 10!), so I had to move to a new provider. Not good.
  3. Make.com requires periodic “reverify” of email connections - an unnecessary nuisance.