Barcode Reader available at Add Portal URL

03-20-2017 10:25 AM
Status: Open
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As we have deploy Survey123 to our field staff and contractors, we include a brief instruction manual that we have created with the basic steps for downloading the app, connecting to our portal, download surveys, etc. We would like to be able to include a QR code that contains our Portal address in the instruction manual that can be scanned instead of manually typing in the portal address during setup to remove the chance of typing errors, autocorrect issues, etc.




Hello Gary,

Thanks for submitting this idea! Do you currently find that your field workers are frequently mistyping the Portal URL, or are you looking to streamline the workflow in your Getting Started document? 

When voting for this idea, please consider sharing your own workflows or use cases, and how this functionality could improve them in a comment.





I would like the Barcode reader available for 2 reasons. First, the autocorrect on some of the ipads changes the url and causes errors. Secondly, it would speed up and eliminate errors in setting up the portal login. The majority of our field users are contractors that do not know or care about our Portal url and scanning the barcode would eliminate the need for phone calls/email/text to get the url.



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