Automated Reports in Excel

06-07-2022 08:18 PM
Status: Open
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Report templates for can only be converted (exported) into a MS Word file (also PDF)

Consider implementing the same concept but using MS Excel file as a receiving template.


Great idea!


Have you tried downloading the Excel find in the hosted service, or in the Survey123 app in AGOL. Here are the steps to get there;

Click the 9-dots at the top of AGOL and click the Survey123 icon, then click the Export icon on the banner, then Excel.

In AGOL, Content you can click the title of the Feature Layer (Hosted), and click Export Data, Export Excel.

I hope this helps,

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I've posted a similar idea.  While it's possible to just export the data to Excel, it won't automatically have the formatting / calculations etc that the end users want.  I've had some work arounds suggested but at the end of the day, Survey123 and reports are intended to make users' lives easier.  We're getting away from that if we are asking users to jump through hoops each time they pull a report.