Alter display resolution based on the device type

06-14-2017 03:40 PM
Status: Implemented
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When using a Tablet device I'd like Survey123 to automatically adjust its display to the device screen resolution instead of simply replicating the Smartphone type interface. This would make forms much more aesthetic on larger devices and take advantage of the additional screen real estate.

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Hi Shaun Kolomeitz, Survey123 does let you change the text size for the display. I found when I first opened a Survey on the iPad, the font was quite small but I moved the slider to set a scale I was comfortable with. Not automatic but would this achieve what you need? 

To do so, on the My Surveys page, click Menu > Settings > Text and use the slide bar to adjust the scale. When you next launch your survey, you will see text and questions will re-scale. This will not resize any images used in the survey or buttons.

Len Olyott

Esri Australia


Thanks Len, but the default text size is set to the smallest but that is still too large unfortunately. I guess maybe I'm after some form of smart sizing too - as in allowing fields to be stacked side by side when the real estate and resolution of the screen would allow it.

Status changed to: Implemented

While not automatic, a survey author can use a grid layout to place questions in a row; this is particularly suitable for tablet devices as it can take advantage of the larger screens.