Allow Viewers to fill in and submit surveys in Survey123 web and field apps

08-08-2022 02:51 PM
Status: Open
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I am hoping that ESRI can provide the ability for Viewer user types in Enterprise GIS to fill in surveys in Survey123 that are shared with "Everyone" in both the web app and the field app. It doesn't make sense that anonymous users can submit surveys while viewers cannot.

It is important to be able to pull in the credentials of the viewers when a survey is submitted. We have hundred of potential users so changing their user type to Field Worker is not an option. Also, adding fields where users have to manually plug in their name/email in an anonymous form is not an option, as the forms need to be as short and simple as possible.


Couldn't agree more on this!


Completely agree, and also be able to submit answers to surveys shared to Organization, not just Everyone.

The whole purpose of Survey123 is to easily collect info from many people, but without this ability it is truly useless in an Enterprise environment.


This would be nice in ArcGIS Online as well. There isn't much point in using survey123 in the organization if viewer accounts are unable to submit. Would be easier and cheaper to use survey monkey or google than Survey123. 


It would be great if ESRI could consider this one.  Our Creator users can complete a survey, but our Viewer users can't.  However we can open the survey up to public access and then anonymous users can complete the survey.  Does this make sense?  Viewer users have been paid for either individually in AGOL or as part of the licensing in ArcGIS Enterprise, so why do anonymous users have more capability than Viewer users?

We can't justify a Creator user licence for everyone who would like to complete a survey.  Not having this capability is having us looking at non-ArcGIS options for gathering data in the field and is detracting / devaluing our ArcGIS platform.


Totally agree. We do not want to open our surveys up to the general public but we do want our Enterprise (SAML) users to be able to complete surveys on our internal Sites page. A perfect example of this is something like a data collection request. we have executives at a viewer level and they want to request drone, GPS, and survey data to be collected by our GIS staff. A Survye123 embedded into our Stire page is the perfect way to do this.




We have a Local Government Enterprise Licence, and the fact that we now cannot use Survey123 for an internal process is quite incomprehensible.  There are several thousand employees who we have previously sent Survey123 forms to, but since we only have 250 actual Licences, then the vast majority cannot complete the questionnaires.  Surely ESRI have to reinstate permissions for internal users to complete published internal forms?


Is there a workaround for this? It’s mind blowing that this is an issue.


There is not that we know of. You have to share the survey publicly and have the users not sign in to stay anonymous in order to submit.