Allow survey forms that were published using Survey123 Web Designer to be exported

10-02-2020 01:53 AM
Status: Open
Esri Contributor

Currently is it not possilbe to export the form of a survey that was published using Survey123 Web Designer. This  means that it is not possible to easily publish a survey in web designer that is based off a survey in another ArcGIS Online Organisation. At the moment it is only possible to look at the the schema of another survey and manually recreate the questions. 

This is a common use case for Support who need to quickly reproduce a customer's survey.

Please either allow the a survey published in web designed to be exported as an xlsx form or exported as a template.


Hi @Richard_Purkis ,
Currently on the My surveys page of the Survey123 website, as long as you can see the survey and have the publisher privilege, there should be a "Save as" action in the context menu of the survey card.
For example, if you share a survey via Collaborate->Share results to a group that includes users from another org, those users can see the survey in your org in their "Surveys I can view results for" tab on the My surveys page. From there, they can save the survey from your org as a new one.
Can this help your workflow?


@ZhifangWang  Hi Zhifang

I submitted this idea before that option was introduced. 

"Save as" has allowed surveys to be quickly reproduced for other users in their organisation. 

It hasn't allowed Technical Support to quickly reproduce the the issue but this may not be technically possible