Allow multiple selected polygons to be sent to Survey123 within Experience Builder

08-20-2021 03:00 PM
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Update the Survey123 geometry pass to allow multiple features to be sent.

Experience Builder has a great connection for Send data to this survey. It does a great job if a single polygon is clicked on the map.  Is it possible to select a group of polygons and have that passed to survey123?  It would be great if its merged as a single geometry.  Alternatively is to possible to pass multiple field names ie community names over to survey123 from a group selection into a comma separated Survey123 question?

Ideally it would be great to be able to select multiple features and have it passed to a survey123



In order to do this the form would have to support multipart geometry right?  I have not see any field apps that have multipart and when I asked no one said it was coming.   So one form is one polygon.

I have been looking into this since I have a old project that uses multipart.  I am pretty sure I am going to have to split into multiple rows or sperate the geometry and attributes.  Multipart is hard to manage anyway.

Interested to hear any other ideas.

For you can you just send the IDs of the polygons instead?  You can use a relate to get back to the geometry.


Survey123 could save a multipart polygon or it could be an on the fly merge.  I could see both being useful to someone.  For the project I was working on a single polygon would have been best.

I ended removing the mapping question and only had a select_multiple question with the polygon ids.  It works but is not as visually elegant has selecting on the map and having it pre-populate the survey.


Can location data (geopoint) be automatically associated with a preloaded polygon shapefile coverage? I came up with something like that the data of 3 drop-down menus would be automatically filled according to the Country, region and commune with the data contained in the preloaded shape

If it exists, what is the formula associated with the XLS form?



I just posted this same question to the Experience Builder community. I'm needing this to allow the user to select from a list of states or counties. Listing them all is ugly whereas allowing selection from the map to pass the geometry would be ideal. And if I did end up needing to use a list, then how to create the associated geometry?


@recolectoruno I think what you are looking for is a Point-in-polygon query the calculations are done in Survey123.