Allow for copy and automatic deep linking of common fields

10-21-2021 06:41 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

I have two forms that I am currently using. One is a public form that is available in the browser for residents to submit requests. The other is a form that is in the app for inspectors to use to respond to the requests. Both forms use the same hosted feature service in AGOL. I currently display the data captured in the resident request form in the inspector form as read only so that they can see it. However, one thing they immediately pointed out to me was that they couldn't tap on or copy resident information such as email, phone, address and paste it into other apps. I was able to get around tis by having the labels of the read only fields be HTML links and bringing the field data into there. I've attached my forms for context and to show my work around. It would be nice if this feature was supported natively. Thanks!

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