Allow editing for surveys and survey repeats in Survey123 [online version]

09-10-2020 10:41 AM
Status: Open
by Anonymous User
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I would like to be able to edit surveys that contain repeats, and the repeats themselves, in the online version of Survey123. 

Our staff cannot always take tablets or phones into the field, as much of our work occurs during the winter - our machines just don't last outdoors. This means that folks are often entering data at home. We prefer to enter and edit data in the online version of Survey123 - phones are very small, and some folks don't have admin rights to download the "desktop app" to their computers. Also, it gets complicated when you start asking field staff to download a phone app, a computer app, and know how to use the online version of survey123!

Right now, we use a survey to ask users to enter details about the locations of traps. That doesn't change, so it goes on the "non-repeat" part of the survey. Every day, they fill out a repeat (related table) with information about what bait they used, what they caught, etc.

So, not being able to edit the survey, or add repeats, in Survey123 online essentially makes this layer unusable for our purposes. We'd love to be able to edit surveys that contain repeats on the online version of the program.

Thanks ESRI! 

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following as I'm struggling with something similar.  Am wanting to have employees update a form that has repeats within an Ops Dashboard that has a tasking status of open to closed that is associated to a geopoint. Also wanting to be able to edit the geopoint if it's entered incorrectly.