Alert when export fails

12-04-2021 03:48 AM
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Trying to make an export to fgdb on one of my form, I get an error in the console :


ERROR Error: Uncaught (in promise): Object: {"error":{"name":"ArcGISRequestError","message":"UNKNOWN_ERROR","originalMessage":"UNKNOWN_ERROR","code":"UNKNOWN_ERROR_CODE","response":{"status":"failed","statusMessage":null,...}



Well I can't really understand this error but the problem is that the Export button keeps looping in the web app. I've sometimes waited for hours just because I thought the export took time to be done.

Would it be possible to catch such errors, display it to users and cancel the export ? 


From what you've said above, I'm assuming you are in AGOL, and you clicked into the form to download the fgdb.

Try this instead: Click into the feature service (this is where the data resides) and download the fgdb.



Hi Michelle,

I used this workaround to download my data. The idea is just about showing the user that there is an error ^^'.