Adding multiple images via filename using pulldata

07-20-2021 12:42 PM
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My department uses a Connect survey to resolve 911 addressing errors.  We compare each error to the current on-the-ground situation, using available imagery as a cross-check.  In order to move through the fieldwork efficiently, we need some basic information about each address- including images- on hand when we're in the field, and we need to be able to show only the info relevant to one address at a time.  

I've been able to build a survey and use the pulldata function to populate each address entry with most of its basic information, but the imagery is the missing piece.  Having a single image tied to a select_multiple choice is a partial solution, but having to "click" through to the image and then back to the survey, instead of seeing the image and the text at the same time, slows us down.

I'm working on adding a bunch of conditional note questions that will display the images based on the selected address, but it's cumbersome to set up.

I'd love to see functionality added such that users could put image filenames in the external .csv file and have the referenced images (stored in the media folder) display along with the text information.

(I found related community questions by @CarrielCataldi and @CathrynPokorny but no Ideas, hence this one.)

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Have a similar need for displaying a photo to assisit in identifying selected wetland structures.  I can build 100+ relevant Note questions .... but I dont really want too.