Adding compass and direction readings as an attribut in S123

01-03-2021 04:48 PM
Status: Already Offered
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We take measurements of our assets (poles) and use S123 very effectively. One of the field staff asked to see if using the device inbuild compass as a possible spirit level tool and read the values inside S123;  ie need to calculate pole lean.


thank you @IsmaelChivite , this is great! Would it be possible to calculate the lean of the Pole in the current version? What i understand from your Bog it is the direction of the lean only, but not the magnitude.

i.e. now i am able to capture in which direction of the leaning pole ie 227deg, but not the actual pole lean i.e. 30deg. I would like to know the unit vector. S123 now had the ability of ϕ, but i was also looking at θ at an attribute. Hope this makes sense.