Add RoundUP & RoundDOWN as mathematical functions

01-14-2022 10:04 AM
Status: Open
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Round (${decimal},0) function rounds to the nearest number. For example Round(0.2,0) will round down to give value '0' & Round(0.7,0) will round up to give value 1. Currently the way to counter this is use the following calculation 

if(round(${decimal1},0)<${decimal1}, round(${decimal1},0)+1,round(${decimal1},0))

This can get cumbersome. It would be helpful to have RoundUP and RoundDOWN mathematical functions to avoid long calculations and to have the survey behave as intended.

Additionally, Integer field type in field app rounds up but in web app rounds down. The above additions will help control making the webapp and fieldapp behave the same way.