Add "Smart/Adaptive" appearance style to select one lists

04-09-2019 02:11 PM
Status: Open
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We have an old Access DB that auto sorts the last item picked to the top of the next drop down box.  That way if you have a list of 1,500 options but only use 10 each day - those 10 are at the top of the list - so you reduce lookup time typing out the autocomplete string all day long.

This should be doable across Repeats rather easily.  So if Repeat list 1 picks Hello my list for Repeat list 2 would be Hello, Goodbye, Etc.  If Repeat list 2 picks Goodbye then Repeat list 3 has a list of Goodbye, Hello, etc.   Across forms would be harder but would be nice.  Esp since it would be Smart per user and would get smarter and smarter over time.

For us we are now having to tap drop down box, type 3 chars, tap to select.  This new way we could tap drop down list, tap to select (like we have done for 15 years).  We figure this small change would save our users 18,000 taps per week!!  Speed is a major concern in the field and Survey123 is still rather clunky when it come to fast data entry.  We have not used 123 on purpose at times because of this.  Just too slow.

Thanks for considering

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by Anonymous User

Yeah, like putting "Recents" or "Favorites" at the top of the picklist...