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Add Choice Filter as a grouping option for Domains

07-14-2020 11:25 AM
Status: Open
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When creating a Survey123 Survey you have an option of using Choice Filters under Choices to sub select Domain Choices in the Survey based on a previous answer

I would like to see the ability to Select a Group for Domain to be used in the Choice Filter.

When you create a Survey Template in ArcGIS Pro and publish it, the domain is automatically brought over to the Survey when you import the Feature Service. And or the ability to add multiple groups onto a single Domain

Example. We have an inspection. The first question is what type of device are you inspecting


Say you select Shields.  The next question is What is the Cause.  Choice filter can be built so that if the first answer is shield only the codes for Cause that match shield will show up.  The other 200 do not.

The third question is Severity.  A second choice filter column is used to distinguish which of the 300 severity answers are viable based on the answer from the second question.

It would be very handy if we could build those groups right into the domain itself. So when imported into Survey123 those values are there.

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