Add an option to specify a custom web map on geopoint/map question

10-18-2021 10:51 AM
Status: Implemented
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While already possible to do using Survey123 Connect, a great enhancement for the web designer would be the option to specify a specific web map to display instead of using a standard empty web map when configuring a map/geopoint question. Custom web maps would have additional contextual layers in the web map which might aid users completing a survey, for example if a survey response had already been submitted reporting something, a feature could be displayed in the webmap and the user completing the survey would see that when they visited the location where they wanted to report something.




If you use Survey123 Connect, you can do this. This blog post can walk you through it.


Thanks @jcarlson. I actually knew that! Still, it would be an improvement to not have to download and install S123Connect for such simple functionality.  S123Connect is really suited for implementing advanced functionality, styling, conditions and such. Personally, I wouldn't say referencing an existing webmap is particularly "advanced". I've updated the idea to be more clear though!


@JohnMDyewell, I'll definitely vote for this idea then! You're right, it would be a nice addition to the webinterface.

Status changed to: Implemented

Implemented in February 2022 update.

Thanks all for your input.