Add an address search bar to Inbox map

08-03-2022 07:25 AM
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Would be nice to have an address search bar on the map in the Inbox.

Currently our group uses the inbox to pass submitted survey data and edited survey data (from desktop app or dashboard) back and forth. All surveys are open to any user to view/edit due to flexibility requirements for our group. With 25k+ surveys in the database, it would be nice to be able to open the map, zoom to an address (that you're not at), then refresh to pull up the list of surveys in that immediate vicinity. 


Good morning Molly,

Try this to see if it fixes your issue. 

In the Survey123 Connect go to the settings tab and include the address in your instance_name. 


Then when you are in the inbox, you SHOULD be able to search the address.

Let me know if this doesn't work for you.

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Hi there @MichelleWilliamsERM , 

I'm trying to find a way to add a search bar/query to the Map in the inbox itself. We DO currently have the address in the instance name in the Inbox List, however, searching for a single address amongst (now) 30K records tends to crash the app. We've had much better luck manually zooming to a location, and then refreshing the map to then shorten the inbox list to just that geographical area.

However, if you've never been to the job site where where the survey will be taken, manually zooming on the map is somewhat of a treasure hunt - hence the address search on the map itself. Any ideas?

Thank you!


Good morning,

When I open Survey123 / Inbox/ map  the device shows where I am.

If the inspector has cell service they can zoom out a bit and refresh the inbox. This will bring in the addresses near them into the inbox.

Survey123 will only bring in a max of 1000 records, so you'll need to zoom to a smaller area, or setup the inbox to give an inspector there jobs for the day. To do this you'll need a field for assigned inspectors, with domains of their AGOL logins, so you can push those to the inbox.


Let me know if you need help.