access a page within a survey123 multipage form via a url parameter

08-10-2022 07:51 AM
Status: Open
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I am currently using a multipage form (10 pages). The idea is to be able to access via a url parameter to a specific page of the form




I don't believe that is is possible to go to a specific page via the custom web link. But do you really need pages? If you replaced the pages with a select_one you could have your custom web URL specify which option to select in the select_one list, which could determine which content appeared on your form.

Basically, just remove the field-list appearance from the group, and replace it with a relevant expression pointing to the new select_one. You could take this one step further and give that select_one a body::esri::visible = false


Thank you for your reply.
I found another way to access a specific page in my form.

My form consists of 12 pages. The first 2 pages are dedicated to administrative input. The remaining 10 pages are dedicated to entering 5 formations (2 pages per formation). So if I want to go directly to the third training I have to access pages 7-8 without consulting the first two trainings.

I actually truncated my form into 6 parts (1 administrative part and 5 training parts) and each part of my form is a new form that points to the same hosted feature layer.
So in my dashboard, in my table widget, I can access the part I want through a hyperlink.
I don't know if this is the best solution but it works.

It forces me to have 6 different forms pointing to the same hosted feature layer.