3rd party API support

02-16-2020 03:41 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

Hi Survey123 for ArcGIS,

Having agencies storing corporate information in many different systems can be hard to bring together to make useful workflows. I know there is Power Automate to send data after collection and there is the formula work that can be done, but I think it would be very powerful if you could consume external API providers to actually create surveys. Essentially Survey123 could merge the 3rd party API data with spatial storage in one!

We have used #Postman to create collections of API calls and it would be awesome if I could build a survey based on the Postman collection. I have seen this popping up in other systems recently e.g. Microsoft Power BI

Create a custom connector from a Postman collection | Microsoft Docs 

I feel like you could create different field types e.g. apiString that would get defined in the schema when the survey is generated so those fields are never created to the GIS schema (similar to the nulltype).

In the settings you could define the getdata call that would be required to download existing data for work and you would also define the post data command that will add data to via the 3rd party API and obviously the GIS feature service that it is connected to. You would also define the integration field such as ASSETID or WORKORDERNUMBER.

If you would like to discuss further I have a demo site I can share with you.