World Wildlife Day Release

02-28-2017 11:44 PM
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On 20 December 2013, at its 68th session, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) decided to proclaim the third of March, the day of the adoption of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), as World Wildlife Day.

World Wildlife Day 2017 encourages youth around the world to rally together to address ongoing major threats to wildlife including habitat change, over-exploitation or illicit trafficking.


This is a minor maintenance update focused on the survey123 web site.

Remember to clear your web browser cache to  benefit from this update !              



While the Survey123 Connect and the Survey123 field app have been available for months in all languages supported in ArcGIS, the Survey123 web site was only available in English.  With this update we add support in the Survey123 web site for the following languages:

BosnianCroatianCzechTraditional Chinese (Taiwan)DutchEstonian
NorwegianPolishRomanianPortuguese (Brazil)ThaiSpanish
SwedishTurkishDanishSimplified ChineseVietnamese

The language to be used in the web site will be determined by the logged-in user's profile. If no preferred language is found in the profile, then the default language of the ArcGIS organization will be used. If no language is set in the organization the language set in the web browser will be matched.

We will work on supporting Arabic and Hebrew in the Survey123 web site in our next update.


Enhancements to Public Survey Sharing

Since we launched support for Public Surveys in November 2016, we have seen many exciting uses of them for crowd-sourcing and citizen science initiatives. Public surveys have also become a favorite among educators in schools and universities.  

In this update, we have refined the process for sharing surveys in the Collaborate page of The new enhancements are actually equally valid for private surveys, but the changes have been driven mostly by usage of Public Surveys. Thanks to Amy (Geoporter), Joseph (Esri EdCommunity), Dr Muki (ExciteS), Dave (USDAD-NCRS) and Sara (CoastWatch) for your feedback!

Surveys can be easily shared with users via a simple link. Surveys can be easily shared with users via a simple link that you can embed in a web site, include in an e-mail, or promote through social media. Through the Collaborate tab in the Survey123 web site you can generate links that will launch your survey in a web browser and the Survey123 field app. In this update creating links is easier than ever before, as shown in the next animation.

Note: As of this release, it is not possible to display surveys authored in Survey123 Connect  in a web browser. You will not see options to open your survey on the web if you created your survey from Survey123 Connect  for ArcGIS. Only if you author your survey using the Web Designer you will see all the options above.

If you plan to use survey links to help people open your survey in the Survey123 field app, there are a couple of reasons why this update matters. First, because the new links can now be embedded into virtually any web site and blog and social media. The second because it is bullet-proof even for some Android devices where in the past some of you reported that survey links were being blocked by the operating system or some applications.

Other minor enhancements and fixes

Some minor fixes (BUG-000102897, BUG-000102122) as well as cosmetic enhancements are also included in the Survey123 web site. Most notably, a redesign of the Create New Survey dialog, to make it easier for beginners to understand the differences between the web and desktop survey authoring environments.

Finally, if using surveys from a web browser in a mobile device, you will notice a smoother user experience when submitting locations.



A small focused update as you can see but with some key enhancements and fixes!  Our next release is planned for late March and will bring exciting new features that you can try already through our Survey123 for ArcGIS Beta Program.

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I am currently trying to make it so that my survey will be available to the public. However, when I go to the Collaborate tab and check the Everyone (Public) option, I do NOT get the same options as in the image above? Why is this? Is there another setting I need to check somewhere? 

Ideally I would like my users to have the option of opening up the survey through the web browser if possible since some people might not be able to download the Survey123 application to their computer or smart phones. Is this functionality available when I select the "Open survey in browser directly" option?


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Esri Frequent Contributor

Hi Robert.   1) It looks like you have not refreshed your web browser cache. This explains why you see the old link.  2) After refreshing your browser cache, you will see the new link format, but you will still not see the option to open your survey on the web. The reason is that  you have authored your survey in Survey123 Connect and the web browser based app does  not support  all the features  in Connect just yet.

We are working towards supporting Survey123 Connect surveys on the web, but this feature is still in beta: Survey123 for ArcGIS  Beta Program.

I should have  been more  explicit in the blog post. I added a new note  in the  text  to be more  clear. Thanks!

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Hi Ismael,

Thanks for your prompt response.

I actually found an old post you wrote, after I had already posted my comment, where you mention that a survey published using Survey123 Connect can not be shared through a web browser. Thanks for taking the time to clarify the answer to my specific question, it is greatly appreciated. 

A solution for this would be great since we have some users who may use the Survey123 app on their smartphones to submit a survey while others may want to use it via a web browser. In the end, we would like to have all of the data from the surveys going into one Feature Layer, and not two separate ones.

Keep up the good work!!   

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Since you were able to help me out last time I was hoping you could do it again. I am currently having an issue where I am unable to view the data that is submitted from a Public Survey. I went through the process of creating a survey using the web designer as mentioned in my post above. Everything worked out perfectly and I was able to send the link to our client, and from there they could launch the form and send a survey. Unfortunately for some reason I am unable to view the information that was sent. 

As you can clearly see in the image above, two surveys have been submitted but none of the data is populating (I know the forms will filled out since I filled out one of them). Is there a step in the process I am missing? Is there a box I need to check? What's weird is that my original test survey that I created worked and I was able to see the data; however, in that one my ESRI username shows up in the Editor Box even though I never logged in.

Thanks in advance!! 

#survey123 web#survey123publicsurvey #publicsurveys

Esri Frequent Contributor

Hi Robert.  An unfortunate change in ArcGIS Online on March 1 caused Public Surveys to break temporarily. There are more details about this here. The  problem was addressed yesterday March 8. If you refresh your browser cache everything should come back to normal.  You did nothing wrong!   As far as why your username is showing this is because your were already logged-in when you accessed the public  survey. This is a  nice feature where you can still take advantage of Editor Tracking even on PubliC Surveys. You did not log in explicitly when accessing the Public Survey, but your session was still active on your web browser, so the web app took advantage of that.  If you do not want your username to  be captured under the  covers by a Public Survey you must log out of ArcGIS in your web browser.

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Hi Ismael,

Once again thanks for the quick response. I think I was confused about the "your" in reference to the solution you gave of "refreshing your browser cache" that I mean the person who needs to refresh or clear their browser cache is the person sending the survey, and NOT on my end as the person trying to view the data. I just had someone re-submit a survey but first, they cleared their cache, and it worked!!! So thanks for that however is this the permanent solution? I worry that some of my users might forget or not be able to clear their cache and the surveys they submit wont have any data in least data that I can see. Is there a time-frame for fixing this issue?


Esri Frequent Contributor

Hi Robert. I should have been more explicit on my explanation. Anyone who has previously opened your public survey must clear the browser cache for things to work. Alternatively, you could publish a new survey and resend the link. I understand this is a real pain and may not be practical.   I apologize for the inconvenience here, but unfortunately the changes made to ArcGIS Online were  out of our control and are affecting many Survey123 users.  On a positive side, you should not observe this issue on any survey you publish from now on.

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Excellent news that Arabic localization is forthcoming. The ability to open the survey in the browser or natively also very well explained here. Great job once more. 

Looking forward to the next update which I would dare to call as 'a game changer'. 

Occasional Contributor II


This is great news! I will try it now and let you know if I come across any more issues. 

Again, thank you so much for your quick responses to all of my questions. As a Survey123 user I really appreciate it!!

Occasional Contributor II

It works!! Thanks!! 

Occasional Contributor II

Hi Ismael,

I was hoping that you could help me out one more time???

So far everything is working out great using creating a survey created via the web design using Survey123. My client can easily access the Public Survey and submit them with no problems. I am also able to see the data submitted by our client on the back-end so that's great also. Here is the problem I am hoping you can help me out with. My client would like to have an email sent back to the person who submitted the survey notifying them that the survey they submitted was successfully sent (as well as a confirmation email back to them letting them know that someone has filled out and submitted a survey). Currently we are using GeoEvent Processor to be the hub for this solution since we have been able to successful generate and send out both email and text alerts once a survey has been completed using a Survey123 form. However, the previous times we have attempted this method it was via Survey123 Connect and NOT through the Web design option. The error that we are now discovering is this:

In the email above you can see that in the email we are receiving doesn't give us the actual answer selected for the SINGLE CHOICE or DROPDOWN questions but rather it gives us the choice option that was selected (option1, option2, option3, etc.). This is a problem for us. We would obviously want the answer that was selected to be the value and not the option. I know first hand that this works with surveys created via Survey123 Connect. Is there a way to make this work via the Web Design for Survey123?

Thanks again for your help!! 

Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Robert,

I talked with a colleague who has worked with the GeoEvent Processor and he suggested using a Field Enricher to create fields that contain the labels of the domain and use those in fields in place of the domain values.  You would have the domain value-label table available either as a feature layer or as a csv file, the record that matches then gets appended to the feature.

Processors—Real-time Data Feeds and Sensors (10.5) | ArcGIS Enterprise 

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Hi James,

Thanks for replying. I was successfully able to use the Field Enricher in GeoEvent Processor to get the values that I wanted. However, this is a very cumbersome approach to take if you have a Survey that has multiple questions that are either SINGLE CHOICE, MULTIPLE CHOICE, or DROPDOWN. You will end up needing to create multiple Field Encricher Processors just to get the data back into the form you desire. Hopefully you guys at Survey123 will be able to develop a fix for this issue. 


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Is the plan to reintroduce the ability to create browser based surveys using connect at version 2.0?

I have a project that this will be very useful for as the web builder is limited in it's functionality, particularly in relation to defining the backend schema and setting up groups of questions.

Esri Frequent Contributor

Hi. The option to open surveys authored in Connect from a web browser will remain in 2.0. We have advanced on our support for Connect surveys from a web browser, but we still need to do some work which will come with 2.1 and 2.2.  You should give  this a try, even with 1.10, because many surveys authored in Connect work well within web browsers. If you run into issues, do not hesitate raising them in this GeoNet Group so we can address the problem.  Having a copy of the XLSForm always helps us!

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Hi ichivite-esristaff‌,

When using a public sharing survey that is opened in a browser directly, can we also create a URL to pre-populate data? As an example, I currently have a link that is shared with the public and we will be sending the link via email to certain parties. I would like to pre-populate the customer name and address.