World UFO Day Release (3.5)

06-28-2019 09:45 AM
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Yeap! World UFO Day is approaching so we want to use this out-of-this-world release to remind you. This is a really substantial update to Survey123, including many, many fixes, new features and enhancements. We are really excited about 3.5 and we hope you will too! 

Survey123 Feature Reports

Many of you are already familiar with the Survey123 Feature Report capability, which we have had in Beta for quite some time. With this update, the Survey123 Feature Report service is no longer Beta. It is fully supported by Esri Technical Support and it is here to stay.

The Survey123 Feature Report service is designed to help you generate beautiful reports of your Survey123 records. You can define the contents and look and feel of your reports using a report template in Microsoft Word format. Once your template is uploaded to ArcGIS Online, the Survey123 Feature Report service can generate individual reports for records submitted from Survey123. 

The Feature Report functionality can be triggered from the Data tab of the Survey123 website as shown below. You can create reports for a single selected record, or in bulk, for a larger selection set.

You can control the layout, contents and look and feel of your output reports through report templates. One or more templates can be associated with a survey, so users in your organization with view access to the survey data can generate reports on their own.  Report templates are authored in Microsoft Word. You can add headers, footers, tables and format the text  in your template as you like.   Feature Report Templates include placeholders to bring responses from your survey record into the report. This includes text, dates, numbers, choices and checklists, photos, annotated images, signatures and of course, maps!  The syntax to bring data from your survey into a template is described in our Feature report templates help topic.  A full blog post dedicated to the feature report syntax is on its way.

Feature Report generation is available as a premium ArcGIS Online service. Users who want to use the service will need to be granted Feature report privileges. By default, all roles and role templates included in ArcGIS Online include this capability, but if you use custom roles you will need to turn it  on.  This can only be done by an administrator of an ArcGIS Online organization by including Feature report access to the custom member role. The next animation shows how:

As of today, and until the next release of ArcGIS Online (planned for October 2019), you can generate as many reports as you want for free. Starting October 2019, feature report generation will consume 2.5 credits per report file generated.

One final note for ArcGIS Enterprise users: The Survey123 Feature report service is designed to work and is fully supported with surveys and data hosted in ArcGIS Online. However you can also take advantage of this service with surveys hosted in ArcGIS Enterprise 10.5 or newer, with some limitations:

  • Your ArcGIS Enterprise instance must be accessible to the Survey123 ArcGIS Online Feature report service. That is, you must configure your  ArcGIS Enterprise web adaptor to expose access to your Enterprise instance from the internet. Please note that portals with Integrated Windows Authentication will not work with the report service.
  • The inclusion of any type of feature service attachments (photo, signature, annotated images...) is not supported when your data is hosted in ArcGIS Enterprise. This is a limitation listed in the backlog of ArcGIS Enterprise.

Bearing the limitations above, the use of the ArcGIS Online Feature Report service from your ArcGIS Enterprise instance will not incur into any ArcGIS Online credit costs.

Web surveys: Survey open, survey closed! 

Up until this update, if you wanted to disable access to a public survey,  you would simply unshare it. In this way, people could not longer submit data to your survey, but you could still view and analyze its results. The challenge with unsharing a survey is that when attempting to open your survey users would get a generic dialog asking for a user and password, and that is the last thing someone would expect.

You can now configure a "Survey closed" dialog and define when to show it. In the 'Survey closed" dialog you can add your own text, images and links describing to survey takers why survey responses are not being accepted. Through the Collaborate tab, you can also define the exact time when the survey will be closed or open.  For example, you can design and publish a survey today, schedule it to start accepting responses in November 1, 2019 and stop accepting responses in December 13, 2019.

This feature is currently only supported for web surveys.  The Survey123 mobile app will not honor the "Survey closed" custom dialog until a later release.

Web surveys: Avoid multiple submissions

This new feature is also built with web surveys in mind. The idea here is to prevent users from submitting a survey multiple times.  By default, users can submit data to your web survey as many times as they like, but you can now configure your survey to limit submissions to one. This is done through the Collaborate tab as well.

For clarity, the way this works is not bullet proof for public surveys.  If working with a public web survey, this setting will persist a cookie in the user's web browser. If the cookie is present, the user will not be able to submit again. A smart user can delete the cookie by clearing the browser's cache or running an incognito session in the browser.  Also, for public surveys, we can't really do anything if one person submits from different devices (a phone, a desktop computer in the office, a laptop at home).

If you really want to confidently block multiple submissions from the same user, the best option is to secure your survey to force users to identify themselves.  At that point, we can more consistently block multiple submissions.

Working with related records (repeats) in the Survey123 website Data view

Through the Data view in the Survey123 website you can interactively inspect all submitted records as a map, table and a form.  In this release, the table view and map views have been enhanced so you can navigate to related records in the table view and display or hide related records in the map. You can also apply filters to the table view.

In the example above, we have a Zika Household survey example. At each household, we have one or more household members and for each of them we document all trips they did in the past 4 weeks.  The member households and travel locations are modeled in the smart form as a nested repeat, and in the feature service relational model as two nested related tables. Look carefully at the table view and you will see that each of these layers/tables is shown in an independent tab. You can switch between the tabs, look at the data, apply filters and select records.  This gives you much more flexibility to explore your survey data!

Survey owner? Double-click to edit (Survey123 website)

One more enhancement on the Survey123 website Data tab. Double click on a cell in the table view... and voila, now you can edit the value.You can even edit related records. This function is only available to survey owners.

Photo Watermarking (Connect & Field App)

Over time we have received a number of requests to add watermarking capabilities into Survey123. This is important in some field data collection workflows; for example when performing certain damage assassessments, documenting work performed or inspecting assets. 

The basic idea is to burn some critical information into the photo while it is taken from the device. Information such as the current date and time, the compass direction or the latitude and longitude. We have extended the XLSForm syntax so you can do all of this and much more.

In the example on the right we have a street service report survey. This is used to document work performed.  Note how the photo is watermarked automatically to include in the bottom-left corner of the image the unique identifier of the job. This job id comes from one of the questions in the form.

In the bottom-right corner you will see the date and time when the photo was taken as well.

You can control almost anything you want in these watermarks: the position, color, font, halo effects and of course the content, which can be dynamically calculated or retrieved from the form itself.  You can even use a logo in your watermark expressions!

To learn more about watermarks, check out our blog post and our Watermarks help topic

Grid Theme (Connect & Field App)

Grid theme has been a long awaited feature, so we are really proud of announcing it today. Using grid theme you can control the layout of your survey to arrange multiple questions in a single row. This is important when you want to make your surveys resemble more closely paper forms, and when you want to take advantage of the wider screen of a tablet or desktop computer.  Using grid themes wisely can help you create much more usable forms to accelerate data capture because you can reduce the need to scroll up and down through your form.

Below is an example of a Certificate of Roadworthiness. No kidding, that word actually exists, you can google it .  Note how the form includes multiple sections: A first section at the top for the Tester's License Number, where we arranged a single question all the way to the right. Then a second section for the main title, with a single note centered in the screen. In section A (vehicle description) where we place questions, notes and even a signature pad side by side.

When taking advantage of grid themes, you will want to test thoroughly in your own field devices. A form with the layout shown above, for example, will work well on a tablet, but not on a smartphone.  Combining grid themes and multiple pages in your form is a really powerful combination too.  Grid themes and pages are worth their own blog post, so wait for one coming up soon. If you cannot wait, check our Appearance help topic for details on the XLSForm syntax, or the newly added sample in Survey123 Connect.

As of this release, grid themes are only supported in the field app, but we are working towards bringing them into the web as well.

Other miscellaneous topics (Connect & Field App)

You are going to find many other enhancements throughout Survey123 Connect and the field app in this release.  I simply want to highlight a handful, although you can find the complete list in our What's New help topic.

  • In Survey123 Connect, you can now preview your surveys in different form factors.

  • Constraint and required messages now appear inline, helping you identify the exact questions in your form that need attention. This is particularly useful when you have long forms, or forms with multiple  pages.

  • Many visual controls in the field app and Connect have been refreshed bringing a cleaner look.
  • The Survey123 field app now sends information about the type of submission (add or edit) to webhooks. This was introduced in our previous release for the Survey123 web app, and now we close the circle with this update for the field app.

Critical Fixes and Enhancements

There are a lot of new new features in this release, but in truth our biggest commitment for this update has been quality.  If you have been testing Survey123 through our Early Adopter Program you will recognize that many of the features we make official today had been on the works for quite some time. Our 3.5 release has been for the most part, devoted to fixing issues and applying some popular enhancements.

We want to thank all of you who have worked with us to validate many of these fixes over the past 10 weeks.  Here is a list of the most important bugs addressed.

Survey123 website and web app

  • BUG-000118801 An existing secured ArcGIS Server feature service added to ArcGIS Online with credentials saved is not be able to attach images when using the web browser to submit the survey (the data is submitted, but not the attachments).
  • BUG-000119623 Survey123, non GlobalID/Guid primary key field gets automatically populated with a GlobalID when submitted from the web form.
  • BUG-000120589 When a survey is published from Survey123 Connect, then modified in the Web Designer to check on "Allow the respondent to add another record" the option does not appear in the Web App.
  • BUG-000121051 Pulldata calculation on select_one question does not work when accessing the survey in a browser.
  • BUG-000122048 Survey123 doesn't submit survey through mobile browsers if the survey has pages and signature fields.
  • BUG-000121719 In the Survey123 for ArcGIS website, the total number of features displayed changes when logged in using the credentials of other people in the organization apart from the owner.
  • BUG-000122052 When running a report on a Survey123 for ArcGIS form that contains the Other option as a response from a Multiple Choice question, the Other option is repeated after each of the Other selected responses.
  • BUG-000122750 The sum() aggregate function does not concatenate string inputs and records a "NaN" value when submitting responses from a web browser.
  • BUG-000123131 Exporting results to a file geodatabase fails if a survey contains more than one nested repeat from the Survey123 for ArcGIS website.
  • BUG-000114635 Photos do not appear in the Analyze tab of the survey in when logged in as a custom role account.
  • BUG-000121812 The custom basemap is not visible in the Survey123 for ArcGIS web form when the basemap is not shared publicly.

Survey123 Connect and field app

  • BUG-000121623: Survey123 Connect for ArcGIS 3.3.51 and Survey123 Connect Classic 2.9.3 crash when using a pulldata() function that references a CSV with 1048,576 records.
  • BUG-000100441: Survey123 Connect: Truncated "Search" string and wrongly placed search icon in search box.
  • BUG-000103155 Surveys created from the Survey123 for ArcGIS Web interface that contain geopoint questions allow field users to zoom in further on the map than is allowable in the Survey123 for ArcGIS mobile app.
  • BUG-000103942 Large surveys crash the Survey123 for ArcGIS iOS field app when specific answers are provided on an iPhone 6 without saving data.
  • BUG-000113684 Surveys with multiple repeats with the repeat counts added crash upon opening in the Survey123 for ArcGIS (iOS) field app.
  • BUG-000113734 The survey creation performance degrades when greater than 5-6 repeats are added to a single survey form.
  • BUG-000114396 The Survey123 field app successfully submits the survey even when all the required questions in the Repeat field are not answered.
  • BUG-000097367: Truncation in Date field in Survey123 and Survey123 Connect.
  • BUG-000094992  Truncation in Publish survey in Survey123 Connect.
  • BUG-000094993: Truncated string in Settings-Style in Survey123 Connect.
  • BUG-000115227 When the language of an Android device is set to the Korean language, switching the device keyboard to Korean to type Korean characters into an autocomplete field in a Survey123 for ArcGIS survey is not possible.
  • BUG-000118014 Unable to use a Japanese keyboard in Survey 123 for ArcGIS (3.1.158) on Android devices. This behavior appears to be restricted to the Survey 123 for ArcGIS (3.1.158) release. This issue is not reproducible on iOS.
  • BUG-000118208 In the Survey123 field app, when a constraint is applied to a select_one question, it is not validated until submitting the survey.
  • BUG-000118366 Unable to send surveys in the Survey123 for ArcGIS field app when Layer ID has values other than the default value.
  • BUG-000119632 Once relevancy exposes a repeat in Survey123, the information in the repeat will get submitted regardless of whether the repeat becomes non-relevant again.
  • BUG-000120023 Select_one questions with an expression in Required or Relevant fields do not validate in Survey123.
  • BUG-000121057 In the Survey123 3.3 mobile app, a select_one question in a nested repeat conditional based on a select_one question within a single repeat will not display after changing the answer to the single repeat select_one.
  • BUG-000119414 In Survey123 Connect for ArcGIS, nested repeats are not preserved when scrolling through the Form Preview.
  • BUG-000121921 Data not displaying in first record of nested repeat with relevant expression referencing a question outside of the nested repeat when open from Drafts.
  • BUG-000122112 When required fields are not answered, the survey does not honor question ordering when alerting the user of required, unanswered questions.
  • BUG-000122534 Survey123 for ArcGIS hangs indefinitely when Form Item is moved or deleted from ArcGIS Online. An error message must be thrown instead.
  • BUG-000122255 The Survey123 for ArcGIS field app does not retain the font size setting on iOS and Android devices.
  • BUG-000121156 Submitting surveys from the Survey123 for ArcGIS field app retains related records from a repeat question, even after removing the attribute values for the same related records before submitting the survey.
  • ENH-000106588 Provide the ability to expand a Group in Survey123 by clicking the Group header text, not just the arrow.
  • ENH-000115797 Survey123 should allow users to have control over color schemes for the group box on a survey form.
  • ENH-000118020 Lessen the touch precision needed for the Group expand/collapse button in the Survey123 field app.
  • ENH-000120369 Clarify the messaging when deleting a survey from Survey123 Connect to be more explicit that AGOL/Portal items will be deleted.
  • ENH-000121453 Provide additional functionality for there to be two "Text" question types be adjacent on one line in the "Form Preview" page of the Survey123 Connect for ArcGIS, instead of only one "Text" question type on top of another "Text" question type.

Next steps

We are now furiously working on 3.6. Join our Survey123 Early Adopter Program to test some of the new features we are working on, including:

  • Support for custom webmaps and mobile map packages.
  • On-premises setup for the Survey123 website and Survey123 REST API.
  • Support for polygons and polylines.
  • And more...

For developers customizing or branding the Survey123 field app, we will be making version 3.5 available with AppStudio for ArcGIS 4.0 Beta in the next weeks.

Do you believe?

Occasional Contributor

Very exciting release!  Great job team!

New Contributor III

Awesome stuff!  Thanks very much!!!

Occasional Contributor II

YAY!!! Love all of this.

Thank you Survey123 Team!

New Contributor II

Good Stuff! Thanks Survey123 Team!

Frequent Contributor II

3.5 is a great release!  During my 4 some years with 123 I think this release is a major milestone.

Thanks for working on the validation esp.  This had become a major issue.  

For me there are 2 items left on my list.

1.  Add the ability to validate fields by page.  So when a user says next page stop and check or errors before continuing (just like a repeat does).  Ideally this is a page by page setting.  Also would love to have option of warning but can continue or full stop cannot advance page before corrected.  Many parts of forms can fail if they miss a critical field on the first page.  Ever other field app we have ever tested has had this so the users are now really expecting it.  Lots of support calls on this telling me it is a bug.

2.  Adaptive drop down lists.  When going repeat to repeat I would love the last item chosen to always go to the top.  Super speed savings when you have to pick the same choice 50 times in a repeat out of a list of 3-5000!  Across forms would be awesome also but I know a lot harder to implement.  I think across repeat should be pretty easy though.

Some day looking across forms would be nice.  Say form 1 they said it was a house then on form 2 they cannot add how many units are in the apt building.  I heard the backend DB is open to a API now so we may be able to query the internal DB somehow?


Frequent Contributor II

Just heard of some reports of issues with pulldata not working - fields are not showing. Mine seem to be ok but some in groups on big forms are having issues.

Anyone seen this yet?



Great news! This a very robust update. I can't wait to see the polygon and polyline functionality, I hope it truly does make it into the next release.

Occasional Contributor

Yes my users are reporting lot of problems also.

At least one problem with date questions and possibly pulldata also (Survey123 app for android). Investigating...

Occasional Contributor

I succesfully reproduced 2 new problem with date questions:

1- On windows, pressing Tab to switch between question now completly ignore date question.

2-Constraint on date question no longer seems to work. I have a question with the following constraint: ".<= today()" which fail when I select 2 July 2019 (today).


Tracked the date problem down to this:

Selecting a date in the calendar actualy also select a time. The time will be the current time on your device. Before the update, I think the time was 00:00:00 on date question.

Is this the expected behavior? I can implement a workaround  but I want to make sure a hotfix won't break it moments later.


Constraint on my Date question is now changed to: "date(format-date(${dateQuestion},'%Y/%m/%d'))<= today()". This should be bullet proof if you want only the date part.

Occasional Contributor

Is it possible to customize the color of the lines seperating the questions when using the Grid style?

Frequent Contributor II

Or remove them completely or control when they show and when they do not.

New Contributor III

Thank you for this exciting update! Not sure if others have experienced this but i have tried using feature report functionality but it gave me an error saying i do not have enough credits for this operation. Do we still need to have credits available though though we can generate report for free up until 3.6's release later this year?

thank you!

- Jenny

Occasional Contributor

I agree. My goal was to actualy make them the same color as the background so that I don't see them.

I actualy want to hide them as they seem to clutter my particular survey design.

Frequent Contributor II

I heard back that a official bug has been created for 3.5.  It is for pulldata though so prob not yours but thought I would post.

BUG-000123478: Previously functioning Survey123 Survey missing fields in most recent 3.5 release. Specifically (from the case notes):
"I believe the issue may be with the pulldata function. Even in the sections (i.e. groups) that do appear, the questions that have the pulldata function in their calculation (or that reference fields which use the pulldata function) are either not appearing or are failing to calculate. There are also a couple fields that use pulldata which are not in any group, and they are also failing to appear."
Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Nicolas,

Thanks for reporting the issue regarding date values including the local time component.  We will work to address this.

Esri Esteemed Contributor

Nicolas Roger‌, Doug,

Thanks for the feedback - we've taken customization of the theme-grid components style as a possible enhancement.

Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Jenny,

This issue is being looked into.

New Contributor

Hi All,

Very excited with this new update. Thank you for all your hard work making our lives a little easier in the field.

I do have a questions/idea concerning the Feature report.

Will there be/could there be a "preview feature" before exporting, especially within the context of getting the template set. When creating a template there (at least for me) is a time when I am exporting a few times to make sure the template is perfect and everything is formatted correctly ( especially photos, signatures and such things). I feel there is still some issue and bugs with the conditional formatting within the report templates so when using that I have to export a lot of times using different data sets to make sure the reports are working correctly. Could there/is there a way to test the templates before officially exporting and getting charged for it?

I find this feature support useful and appreciate all the support that exists for it. 

Thanks all!

#feature report#survey123 other‌ 

Esri Contributor

Hi Olivia,

Thanks for the feedback, we have logged this as feature requirements.

Best Regards,

Jody Zheng Liu

Occasional Contributor

I would like to report a new bug with this update:

Opening the app when location service is disabled gives this error:

This happen even when all the location alert are turned off in the settings:

Tested with windows 7.

Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Nicolas,

Thanks for the feedback.  We have done some work already to address the issue of connection on startup with Windows - could you check with the 3.6 version available in the Early Adopter Community and see if the error still appears?

Occasional Contributor

Hi James,

Thank you for your feedbacks. I just joined your early adopter program and download Survey123 3.6.52b (beta).

I confirm that the same error occur (and I made sure to disable all alerts).

Esri Regular Contributor

Awesome stuff! 

Thanks a lot for your hard work. 

Regarding the Enterprise limitations for the report functionality (any type of feature service attachments (photo, signature, annotated images...) ) - is this planned to be supported for Enterprise at a later stage or is this a limitation I have to "sell" our customers as just not available. We are working a lot with photo attachments which would be very useful to be included into a report...

Esri Regular Contributor

Hi Nicole,

Thank you for the feedback.

This known limitation (lack of keywords property support for attachments in ArcGIS Enterprise) has already been submitted to ArcGIS Enterpirse team and it's going to be supported in a future release. 

I've also added your voice to the internal issue backlog.



Esri Regular Contributor

I am having troubles with my offline basemaps. Maybe our devices are getting too old but when I try to access the storage settings, Survey123 crashes. I tried to copy the basemap to my device manually to avoid the upload and download but it doesn't find it. 

It's a samsung tablet SM-T285, Android version 5.1.1


Even having it published with the service doesn't work on these tablets. 

It still worked in the version before the last update so we are using the Survey123 Classic version now where my basemap works like a charme.

I was also not able to use a manually copied basemap on my iPhone 6s with the new release.

this was not meant to be a reply to Zhifang's answer but a comment to the original post...

Esri Regular Contributor

Zhifang Wang This sounds like it is a problem from the Enterprise side not from the Survey123 side, is that correct?


I had some weird behavior using the new update of S123 last night.

Both a coworker and I were unable to submit a survey when a specific relevant chain is enacted. Specifically, when trying to submit the survey we both got Required Messages for a Note question which is not Required in the Survey. Since the question is a Note, there was no way for us to answer the value and submit the survey. 

This issue began last week with the new Update (we had submitted the survey in this configuration ~40 times before without issue).It does not extend to other Note fields in the survey. Every field in the survey does have a Required Message, but this is the only question we have found where it is presented without being marked as required.

New Contributor III

Definitely, this new version of Survey123 (Connect 3.5.157 and Field 3.5.164) on Android devices is giving me a good "headache." The problems I noticed were the following:

  • Within a repeat, in the RELEVANT field, the PULLDATA function in @GEOPOINT only works on the form load
    • During filling the calculation becomes static even if the conditions change.
  • GEOPOINTS within a repeat, no longer collects coordinate automatically
    • Before, whenever a new repeat was opened in which there was a GEOPOINT, Survey123 automatically collected the coordinate for this GEOPOINT (the Classic version remains so). Now the user needs to "force" the collect of the coordinate within the repeat by touching the "target" icon. On my form I had the GEOPOINT within a group "compacted" to not pollute the form and I treated the coordinate collected outside this group. Now the user needs to touch in the "target" icon to collect the coordinate and bring an "unnecessary" map, which pollutes the form and, in our case, often brings nothing but an empty space because there is no internet connection at the place and I do not intend to provide an offline map for an unnecessary map.

  • GEOPOINTS within a repeat, does not automatically update by a pair of coordinates by the CALCULATE field
    • Incidentally, this was a problem that I identified in the previous version, but was mitigated by always displaying the map box by displaying the UPDATE button on the upper right side of this box (users was directed to touch the Refresh icon). In this new version, within a repeat it shows only 2 buttons (Target and Map) and no longer the "Refresh" button and, if it can not collect GPS coordinates, the refresh button is not displayed, even if it is given coordinates by CALCULATE. To mitigate this, I had to guide the users, when the GPS does not provide the coordinates, to touch in the Map icon, touch the center of the map screen to create a fictitious coordinate, touch the Check button and, returning to the form, touch in Update button to finally collect the coordinates received by the CALCULATE field.

  • GPS does not return coordinates for Survey123, but other applications work normally with GPS
    • This is also an old problem, which happens whenever:
      • a) a device (Android) is already in use for a long time without formatting;
      • b) has about 16GB of internal memory;
      • c) already had Android upgraded and several apps updated by
    • It seems that something in Android's SWAP memory (only 16GB, many apps, many updates = little SWAP memory) directly interferes with how Survey123 works with the GPS sensor in these cases. To mitigate, users were advised to collect a photo using another application (opensource, called OpenCamera) to then use the coordinates of this photo by transferring them to GEOPOINT (which no longer works correctly within a repetition since the last update).
    • Incidentally, here's a suggestion for ESRI: Allow another app to be selected for the photos. OpenCamera (which is open and without advertisements), for example, allows you to create the Watermark, associates EXIF with the photo and has locks so that the photo can not be made without a coordinate.

Well, that's it. I hope new corrections will come soon, as it becomes increasingly difficult to guide users to these new problems that come with each new version of the application.

Best Regards.

Esri Frequent Contributor

Hi Adilson,

Thanks for the feedback. We are already aware of some of the issues with geopoint questions and calculations/pulldata in 3.5 that you mention above, and will be planning to hotfix these in a future update.

Are you able to provide your xlsx form so we can take a closer look at your use case, which will assist us for testing.



Esri Frequent Contributor

Hi Philip,

Can you please share your xlsx form so we can take a closer look. We wouldn't expected required messages to appear on notes, especially if they do not have a required expression. However to troubleshoot further would need to see your xlsx file to understand why it is occurring.


Esri Frequent Contributor

Hi Nicole,

Were you bale to resolve your basemap issues? We have now implemented better basemap support in 3.6 beta, which is available on EAC, it may be worth checking this out and testing with latest beta version.


Esri Frequent Contributor

Hi Nicole,

Yes, the keywords not being supported is a Enterprise limitation. This is something we are hoping will be supported in a future Enterprise release.


Esri Frequent Contributor

Hi Nicolas,

This should have been fixed in our latest 3.6 beta update, but you may have settings on your device from the previous version causing the issue.

You may need to delete the settings for the app in the "C:\Users\{username}\ArcGIS\AppStudio\Settings" by deleting the .json file. This will apply to Windows, MacOS and Android, but on iOS when you uninstall and reinstall the app this will happen automatically.

If you are still having the same error alert after this please let us know and we need to look into it further.



Thanks for the quick response Phil. Let me know your email and I can send you the xlsx. As a warning, it is quite large.


Occasional Contributor

Ok I deleted all json files in the settings folder (I had 4 json). The same error appear when I open Survey123 (windows 7). Again, I made sure all alerts are turned off.

New Contributor III

Had a look at the new XLSForm for Watermarks sample in Survey123 Connect to see how to add the value from another field (like Job ID as in the example in the blog).  The Watermark Help has a note that you need to construct this in the calculation column, and I had hoped that this was included in the sample, but the XLS form for this sample doesn't have  a bind::esri:parameters column, and no aditional details on the image question. 

I had a look at the sample for the Grid Style Groups, and that XLS form does have  a bind::esri:parameters column....

Best Regard


Esri Regular Contributor

Hi Phil, no we didn't have time to play more with this. I will try with the 3.6 beta release as soon as I find time and let you know! (a colleague of mine also just reported issues with the offline basemap in collector but I don't know the details...)

Esri Regular Contributor

Is there a workaround for the attachments? Having pictures attached to survey results is a major requirement from one of our clients for who we are just installing Enterprise now. I am afraid that it will complicate workflows massively again if the pictures are not automatically attached to the right location 😞

I have also seen the limitations for the length of the questions. Would be a workaround to use a short version of the question as label and then give a longer question as a note below the question? 

Is the limitation to export to XLS from the survey123 page in enterprise from the survey123 page or is that also caused by the Enterprise configuration? I really like the export to excel because it saves all the tables in one file. It's so far more convenient than exporting to dbf from ArcGIS Pro... 

Occasional Contributor II

I just been testing the watermarking, its working a treat on an ipad 6th Gen, but on my iphone 6 plus as soon as I take a photo it says "capturing photo" then the app crashes out.  Not doing it to surveys that don't have watermarking enabled. Both are iOS 12.3.1.  I have restarted the iphone a couple of times and uninstalled and reinstalled Survey123 to no avail.  Any thoughts?

Cheers, Chris

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Hi Philip,

Just letting you know I got your email and am back in the office now after the UC and my travels. I will take a look at this over the next week or so and get back to you asap.


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Hi Nicole,

Unfortunately, ArcGIS Enterprise does not support keywords for attachments, and there is no workaround to this. Survey123 uses keywords to link the attachments to the specific question (field) in the feature, otherwise they would only be related to the feature, not the question. This works in ArcGIS Online as keywords are supported.


Until keywords are supported in ArcGIS Enterprise, images and signatures will not work with Feature Reports.


There is an open enhancement request for ArcGIS Enterprise to support keywords for attachments, I would suggest you raise a support ticket for this and link it to the current case, as the more requests from customers on this issue the sooner it may be supported in Enterprise.



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Hi Marie-Lou,

Can you please check the 'Watermarks' sample again? the bind::esri:parameters column should be at column Y in the worksheet.

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Perfect! Thanks for this - very useful.

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Hi Chris,

What size photos are you capturing?

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Hi James

I think that may have been it, I dropped the image size to 640pixels and it works fine.



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Is there an ability to have the Feature Report output be a .PDF rather than a .docx yet?

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Hi Kerissa Reedy‌,

PDF format support in the Feature Report is planned in a very near future release and will be available soon in the Beta Community first. Please stay tuned with our announcement in the Beta Community and also the product release blogs. Any feedback in the Beta Community would be appreciated.



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Hi Kerissa Reedy‌,

Just FYI, the latest Survey123 Beta update is just published on EAC, in includes a dedicated post for demonstrating the new PDF/preview capability of the feature report which is available now on Survey123 beta website: Please have a try and let us know what do you think by posting on the new beta website forum.



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Hi Olivia,

The preview functionality of Survey123 Feature Report is in beta now on, we would love to have you test the new features on the Survey123 beta website and share any feedback or issues you may encounter in the Survey123 Beta Website Feedback forum . Also you can check other new features we have for the next release here.

Thanks a lot,

Jody Zheng Liu

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Many Thanks for the update. I will test it out.