What's new in ArcGIS Survey123 February-March 2022 Webinar

03-25-2022 09:08 AM
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With the What's new in ArcGIS Survey123 February-March 2022 webinar behind us, we want to share with you the recording, slides, common Q&As and a few links.

We hope you liked the webinar. We plan to do similar webinars for upcoming releases.

Common questions


Survey123 web designer


It is possible to add calculations to existing surveys? Yes, simply open your existing surveys in the designer and configure your calculations.

Can I use any locator with the address question, or just the Esri World Geocoding service? You can use any locator and locator view.  Make sure your locator is shared accordingly. For example, if your survey is shared with everyone, web maps and locators used by your survey should also be shared with everyone.  If you decide to share your survey just with groups within your organization, make sure that your web maps and locators are also shared with those groups.

Will the address question consume credits?  It will if you use the Esri World Geocoding service and you also decide to store the address as a point. Otherwise, it does not consume credits.

Can I enable image markup tools for photo questions in the Survey123 designer? Not at this moment. Markup tools can only be configured trough Survey123 Connect.

Can I share a survey created in the Survey123 designer with the general public? Yes. Once you are happy with your survey, publish it. Then, go to the Collaborate tab and share it with everyone.  At that point, you can include your survey link or QR code in social media, public websites, etc.

I have installed the Survey123 web designer locally. When an update to the installer will be available? We typically wait a couple of weeks before making the installer available. Stay tuned, we will release it in a couple of weeks.

I want to query a polygon layer using the user provided location to calculate values in my Survey123 form. Is this possible with the web designer? We are working towards enabling this in Survey123 designer, but as of this date, it is not possible.

Survey123 field app


Can I use custom annotation palettes with version 3.13 of the field app? Yes, but we recommend using the latest version of the field app whenever possible.

How is the Overview folder different from the Sent folder? The Overview folder is designed to help end users visualize all survey records in the device. That is, records from the Drafts, Outbox, Inbox and Sent folders. Records  are displayed as a list, and in a map.  Additionally, you can also use the Overview to create a new survey at a particular location using a map.


The Sent folder helps end users understand what records they have already sent to ArcGIS. The author of the survey can allow end users to open and edit already sent records. 

Does the Overview work offline? Yes.

How do I enable the Overview? In Survey123 Connect, open your survey and go to the Options tab. You will find an option to enable/disable the Overview.


Survey123 Connect


What is the reason why you added support for press-to-locate? The default behavior of geopoint questions makes Survey123 set the value of the geopoint when the form load using the current user location. This works in many scenarios, but not always. For example, say a Survey123 user opens the form in the office and leaves the form open. Once in the field, the user brings up Survey123 again and starts completing the form. Since the form was initialized in the office, the geopoint question is already set to the location of the office, which is incorrect.

The press-to-locate appearance allows you to leave the map question without a value. Only when the user interacts with the question, the location of the user is collected.   In most cases, you want to combine the press-to-locate appearance with a required geopoint question.



I liked the new options added in Survey123 designer to control the behavior of the map, how can I model these different options in Survey123 Connect?

  • Start the map centered at a extent of my choice but with an empty value:
    • Use the Map tab to set the initial extent of the map
    • In your survey worksheet set the default column to null for your geopoint question
  • Set a default value for the geopoint question:
    • Set the coordinates using the default colum of your geopoint question
  • Use the location of the user when the form loads to center the map and set its value:
    • In the survey worksheet, add a geopoint question leaving the default column empty
  • Leave the map question without a value until the user touches the question. At that point, get the user's location to center the map and set its value:
    • Add a geopoint question and set its appearance to press-to-locate

Can I use pulldata("@layer") without an ArcGIS account? Yes, pulldata("@layer") can be used in public surveys. Respondents are not required to login for this function to work.

Why pulldata("@layer") does not work in Connect?  pulldata("@layer") is currently in Beta and not fully implemented. As of today, it only works in the Survey123 web application. You will need to include your pulldata("@layer") expressions in your XLSForm, publish and test in the web app.  Support in Connect and the Field app is planned for July 2022.



How can I configure my maps to work offline?

Check Survey123 Tricks of the Trade: Configuring survey maps or this help topic.

Is it possible to set a custom label for the Collect, Inbox and Overview options in the Survey123 field app? Not at the moment. Kudo this Survey123 Idea and add your commnents in it to raise its priority.

Can I have my domain lists updated in the feature layer when I change my XLSForm choice list in Survey123 Connect? This is a strong candidate for 2022. Stay tuned as we make progress with this Survey123 Idea.

In the Survey123 Connect gallery, the name of my surveys is cutoff. Please add tooltips or some other way to see the full name of the survey? This is a great suggestion. Thanks for bringing this up.

Do I need to back-up my surveys before upgrading Survey123 Connect? No. Even is you uninstall Survey123 Connect, your surveys will not be lost. Published surveys are kept in your ArcGIS account (ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise). Non-published surveys are kept in your local computer stored under your user's directory.